MYKONOS filtration group for above ground pools

MYKONOS filtration group for above ground pools
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MYKONOS 4m3/h sand filtration group
EUR 149.00
For above ground pools up to 20m³ maximum,
Pump 4m³/h with pre-filter
Multi-way valve,
Pressure gauge
Easy installation
In stock
The MIKONOS filtration group has been designed to efficiently filter your above ground pool water (maximum volume : 20m³).
Compact and resistant, this filtration group ensures optimised water quality for your pool water.

Composition of the MYKONOS filtration group :

- Sand filter with polyethylene tank

- Multi-cycle valve 4 positions, equipped with pressure gauge allowing the control of pressure and regulating clogging level for easy maintenance.

- Self-priming filtration pump with a flow of 4m3/h ensuring good water circulation.

- Pre-filter featuring a removable basket assisting the recuperation of dirt in addition to the pump

- Connection tube pump to filter

The connection diameter of the pipework is 32/38mm, making this unit compatible with the vast majority of above ground pools
MYKONOS filtration group for above ground pools

MYKONOS filtration group manometer

Pressure gauge
Purge valve MYKONOS filtration group

Purge valve
Inside view MYKONOS filtration group

Inner view of tank : collector and suction sieves

Transparent lid MYKONOS filtration group

Transparent lid of filtration pump
Pre filter MYKONOS filtration group

Pre-filter with removable basket
Pump connection MYKONOS filtration group

Connection to filtration pump

MYKONOS filtration group in detail

1.4 position multiway valve with pressure gauge

2. High resistance polyethylene tank

3. PVC base

4. Pre-filter with basket

5. Self-priming pump

6. Pump - filter connection tube
Scattered view MYKONOS filtration group

Functions and use of the valve:

1- Winter : The handle of the valve is in a lifted position as not to push on o-rings. To be used during the winterizing period.

2- Back-wash : Water passes through the bed of sand, inversing water direction. It is then evacuated from the filter, carrying the impurities contained in the filter. To be used once a week for 2 - 3 mins.

3- Rinse : Eliminates impurities retained in the sand after a back wash cycle. Dirty water is evacuated out of the filter. To be used after each back wash for 30 seconds.

4- Filtration : The pool water passes the sand bed and returns, filtered, to the pool. =

Valve MYKONOS filtration group

Recommendations :

- The use of a filtration group does not replace water treatment.
- A filtration group is only compatible with water treatment products that are based on chlorine (not salt water or salt electrolysis systems)

Technical features

Filter diameter
Filter height
Compatible water treatment
soft water
4 way with pressure gauge
Pump capacity
Sand (from 0,4 to 0,8mm)
20kg (not supplied )
Packed dimensions
780 x 520 x 610mm
Packed weight
Power supply
Connection tube dimension
Maximum pool volume

MYKONOS filtration group for above ground pools


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