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DOM COMPOSIT acrylic steps

Discover our range of pool steps DOM COMPOSIT : The 44 models of steps are available in 6 colours,
Made in France, Guaranteed 10 years, Certified zero osmose.
The range of reinforced acrylic steps Dom Composit is the ideal solution to facilitate access to your pool and at the same time create a relaxation zone!

You can position the steps in length, width or at a corner angle of the pool.

The variety of shapes, dimensions, height and range of colours allows you to choose your steps depending on your operational and esthetic criteria.

Easy to install, the steps substitute one or several panels in your pool construction.
The liner is clamped to the upside of the stairs, avoiding the risk of unsightly folds and avoids a slipping risk.

The advantages

The advantages of reinforced acrylic steps :

- Hardwearing, does not scratch, does not chip.
- Insensitive to temperature variations.
- Resists to chlorine and UV aggressions.
- Anti-slip treatment on steps.
- Coloured in the mass.
- Made in France.
- Zero Osmose certified.
- Guaranteed: 10 years.

French made quality
Various examples of pool steps


Step by step:

- Prolong the supporting base onto which the steps will be placed.

- Position the steps between the pool walls or the prefabricated walls of the pool.

- Lever the upper section of the steps.

- Solidly anchor the steps to the structure of the pool by either using :
- Nuts and bolts for galvanised panel, polyester or fibreglass pools.
- By metallic liaison (bolts, threaded lengths or iron rods) for concrete pools.

- Make a concrete support on the total surface of the 1st step.

- Build a supporting pillar for each step (made from concrete blocks, each at an equal length, being a minimum of 20 cm).
note: The steps are placed on a bed of cement a the top of each support.

- After landfilling, Peripheric chaining supporting pool border is completed on the total surrounding area of the steps (imperative to install the pools border).


Installation schema for acrylic steps

Schema key

1. Spirit level
2. Peripheric chaining
3. Pool wall
4. Concrete block supporting pillar
5. Supporting base
6. Concrete

Installation of the acrylic clamp :

The acrylic clamp is installed once the liner is in place. The clamp declines into 3 parts, allowing an easy installation.

The Dom Composit acrylic steps are pre-drilled allowing an easy installation of the clamp.
Note : It is totally unrecommended to drill other holes in the steps, endangering leakage.

To ensure the clamp is correctly installed in ideal conditions, the screws delivered are made from a particular stainless steel (Diametre 5,5 - Length 25).
Note : You must not change the diameter or use a greater length of screw as you will risk the deterioration of your steps.

How to install:

- Place the sealing gasket at the back of the alcove.

- Drill the liner and sealing gasket with the provided screws using the preconised clamp holes. You should first drill both of the holes halfway and only then complete drilling.
note: If you use an automatic screwdriver, be sure the torque is on a low setting.

- Progressively complete screwing all of the screws and proceed to finish blocking the clamp manually.

Installation schema of the acrylic clamp

Installation schema of acrylic clamp

Schema key

1. Acrylic layer
2. Polyester reinforcement
3. Hi-tech seal
4. PVC insert
5. Foam joint
6. Sealed clamp
7. Stainless steel screws
8. Liner

Available colours

Available in 6 colours to choose from, adapting to the majority of liner colours.

Pale blue stairs
Clear blue
Sand stairs
Azur blue
Azur blue
White stairs
Carribean green
Carribiean green
Grey stairs
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