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ARIZONA 1 place infrared sauna

ARIZONA 1 place infrared sauna
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Arizona 1 place infrared sauna
EUR 1398.00
1 place infrared sauna with glass front,
Radio/mp3 ozonator/ioniser
Electronic digital control panel,
1500W carbon heat panels
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ARIZONA 1 place infrared sauna in detail

Heat radiated by carbon panels.
Integrated radio/MP3 system.
Ozonation air purification.
Fast, easy installation, connection to a standard power socket.
Easy assembly, 30 mins approx.

Characteristics of the ARIZONA sauna

Places available
Dimensions L x w x H
90 cm x 102 cm x 190 cm
Structure of sauna
Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)
Infrared heaters
Type of heater
Total capacity
Power supply
Electrical connection
Standard socket fitting
Inner digital control panel
Outer digital control panel
Operational temperature
10 to 65 °c
Reduced preheat time
(10 to 15 minutes)
Dimensions ARIZONA 1 place infrared sauna

Features of the ARIZONA infrared sauna

Carbon panel heat
Canadien hemlock structure

Carbon heating panels
Carbon panels offer a better diffusion of heat when radiating inside the sauna. In general, their lifespan is 12000 hours.
Structure en Canadian Hemlock
Canadian Hemlock(Tsuga canadensis) is a tender wood with thermal insulation properties. This is an ideal material for the construction of infrared saunas, is odour free when the sauna temperature rises and does not contain resin.

Radio / MP3 system
Digital control panel NEVADA 1 place infrared Sauna

Radio/MP3 system with radio control
To fully benefit from your relaxation session, your sauna is equipped with a Radio/MP3 system featuring an aux USB, SD, and 3,5 mm jack to fully stimulate your senses.
Inside digital control panel
User-friendly and accessible, the inside control panel of the Arizona gives full control over your sauna settings.

Glass door for ARIZONA 1 place infrared sauna
Ozonator   ioniser

7 mm tempered glass door
Door made from 7 mm tempered glass door ensuring excellent heat retention in the sauna. Delivered pre-mounted on frame.
Air purification
To fully enjoy your sauna it is important to renew ambient air regularly : before, during and after each use.
This feature is quickly efficient and user-friendly, using two complementary functions - O3 and Ion, to combat ambient bacteria and purify air. You can therefore fully and comfortably appreciate your moment of relaxation.

Overview ARIZONA 1 place infrared sauna
ARIZONA 1 place infrared sauna


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