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Caliente Compact pool dehumidifier

Caliente mobile dehumidifier
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Dehumidifier Caliente 25
Capacity of 1.8 or 2.5 l/h depending on model.
Remote control, auxiliary heater and electronic regulator.
Ideal for spas, indoor pools and damp
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Dehumidifier Caliente 25
Ref. 017241
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990 €
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Dehumidifier Caliente 18
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It is essential to use a dehumidifier with indoor pools and spas to avoid the formation of mould and limit dampness.

The dehumidifier Caliente Compact adapts to all indoor environments (pools, spas, damp rooms...).

The unit is fully equipped with an integrated hygrostat system, 3 fan speeds, remote control, condensation pump with a tank, by-pass and hose to facilitate the evacuation of condensation in the system.

To use, just plug into an electrical socket (220V).

How does it work?

A fan draws air through a refrigerated evaporator. The air is cooled to below the point of condensation. The humidity in the air condenses on the cold surface of the evaporator and drips into a tank. Dry, cold air then passes through a warm condenser, sending heated air into the room. The integrated auxiliary heater (which can be separately programmed) allows you to increase the temperature of the expelled air.

In detail

The ambient humidity can be precisely controlled by the electronic hygrostat integrated into the dehumidifier.

To ensure the optimal circulation of air in the room, the dehumidifier is equipped with a 3-speed fan and automatic swing function.

The dehumidifiers Caliente Compact have two condensation tanks and a condensation pump. When in dehumidification mode, condensation is evacuated into the lower tank. When the lower tank is full, the condensation pump evacuates into either the upper tank or an external outlet (a drain, for example).

A fast anti frost cycle powered by gas allows use from 5°C (in a pool enclosure, for example).
Caliente dehumidifier

Detailed view Caliente dehumidifier
Condensation tank and by-pass for external outlet
Air inlet with purge
Multidirectional wheels


Caliente condenser dehumidifier
High-performance Condenser
- Renders dehumidified air at an ambient temperature.
- Integrated auxiliary heater.
Condensation pump Caliente dehumidifier <br />
Condensation evacuation pump:
- Automatic start.
- Silent in operation.

Washable filter Caliente dehumidifier
Frontal air filter :
- Easy access.
- Washable.
Remote control Caliente dehumidifier
Remote control :
- Digital screen.
- Complete frontal control report

Ominidirectional wheels Caliente Compact dehumidifier<br />
Multidirectional wheels
Digital display panel Caliente Compact dehumidifier<br />
Digital display panel:
- Colour screen.
- Easy access.
- Controls :
fan speed,
mode, timer

Control Panel

Each dehumidifier Caliente Compact is equipped with an easy to use digital control panel that shows the air temperature, humidity and alerts.
Control panel Caliente dehumidifier

A. Start/Stop
B. Selection of operational mode : Automatic, dehumidification, fan, heat.
C. Fan speed
D. Air flow scan
E. Temperature modification
F. Timer program
G. Start/Stop auxiliary heater
1. Automatic mode
2. Fan
3. Heat mode
4. Dehumidification
5. Auxiliary heater
6. Time
7. Temperature
8. Ambient Humidity
9. Display depending on selected mode : time, temperature, or humidity
10. Full tank

Technical features

ModelCaliente Compact 18Caliente Compact 25
Power230V/50Hz single phase230V/50Hz single phase
Input Power800W900W
Input Amperage3,7A4,2A
Dehumidification capacity litre per hour1,8*2,5*
Humidity setting rangeFrom 1 to 99% by bearing of 1%From 1 to 99% by bearing of 1%
Operational timerFrom 1 to 12 hFrom 1 to 12 h
Delayed start and automatic stopYesYes
Air flow360m³/h360m³/h
Air filterWashableWashable
Automatic air flow orientationleft-right with SWING optionLeft-right with SWING option
Manuel air flow orientationHigh-lowHigh-low
Fan speed3 on automatic mode3 on automatic mode
Cooling gasR410aR410a
Cooling gas charge700g700g
Temperature setting rangeFrom 18 to 31°CFrom 18 to 31°C
Auxiliary heater power750W750W
Heating capacity2000W2500W
Noise level at 1 meter (dB(A))4243
Condensation pumpYesYes
Length and diameter of condensation outlet pipe5mm/1,20m5mm/1,20m
Dehumidifier shellABS plastic and painted Galvanized steelABS plastic and painted Galvanized steel
ColourGrey and blackGrey and black
Multidirectional wheelsYesYes
EC certifiedYesYes
RoHS certifiedYesYes
Dimensions of dehumidifier (L x W x H)405 x 305 x 895mm405 x 305 x 895mm
Net weight of dehumidifier35kg35kg
Dimensions of packaging (L x W x H)465 x 365 x 940mm465 x 365 x 940mm
Packed weight40kg40kg

*In the following nominal conditions : air 30°C, humidity 80%.

The Caliente Compact is ideal for restricted spaces discreetly fitting into your environment.

Ready to use, delivered with:
- 1 remote control
- 1 condensation outlet pipe
- 1 instruction book

Accesories Caliente dehumidifier
Indoor pool spa Caliente dehumidifier


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