Cocoon rotation-moulded sand filter

Cocoon rotation-moulded sand filter
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COCOONT10 sand filter
Rotation-moulded sand filter
Easy to use,
Dependable and resistant,
6 models from 10 to 22 m3/h,
Automatic air purge
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COCOONS10 sand filter
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COCOONT10 sand filter
Ref. 014421
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COCOONS15 sand filter
Ref. 014419
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COCOONT15 sand filter
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COCOONS22 sand filter
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COCOONT22 sand filter
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The Aqualux Cocoon rotation-moulded sand filter is easy to use featuring independent emptying outlets and transparent dome and high-density rotation-moulded polyethylene tank.

Technical charateristics

Cocoon rotation moulded sand filter
• Stable supporting legs integrated into tank,
• Independent emptying outlets 2" for sand and 3/4" for water,
• Automatic air purge,
• Translucide, polycarbonate bolted dome,
• Compatible with automatic valve.

Details Cocoon rotation moulded sand filter

Details of filter : Bolted dome, top 6-way valve, sand purge, water purge
ModelFiltered area (m2)Diam. opening (cm)Filter recharge (kg)Waterflow (m3/h)Diam. inlet/outlet
Cocoon side diam. 520 mm0,2016,8100101 1/2"
Cocoon side diam. 650 mm0,3016,8150151 1/2"
Cocoon side diam. 780 mm0,4416,8250222"
Cocoon top diam. 520 mm0,2016,8100101 1/2"
Cocoon top diam. 650 mm0,3016,8150151 1/2"
Cocoon top diam. 780 mm0,4416,8250222"

Octopus sieves

The result of Aqualux research and development, used to equip most of the Aqualux range. These sieves present several advantages :
• They are foldable : faciltiating the removal and installation of the water collector, for fast and easy maintenance.
• Fixation by clip system : Does not need to be screwed or unscrewed,
• Provides optimal filtration : The specific shape of the sieves allows uniform suction on the surface of the sandbed.
• Resistant : ABS design, the Aqualux sieves integrate a monobloc collector abd reinforced internal structure reinforced by ribbing. Optimal resistance to shocks and chemical treatment.
Octopus sieves Cocoon rotation moulded sand filter
Dimensions Cocoon rotation moulded sand filter

Dimensions of the Cocoon sand filter

Cocoon side diam. 520 mm750395-235
Cocoon side diam. 650 mm890480-320
Cocoon side diam. 780 mm1030560-365
Cocoon top diam. 520 mm86074565-
Cocoon top diam. 650 mm100087565-
Cocoon top diam. 780 mm1190102065-


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