Dolphin Hybrid RS2

Dolphin Hybrid RS2
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Dolphin Hybride RS2 pool cleaner
Hydroelectric pool cleaner with PVC brush
For inground or above ground pools up to 12 x 6m maximum,
Compatible with all types of pool shapes and finishes,
Cleans pool floor only ,
Powerful suction capacity,
Operational with a minimum 3/4hp pump
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Dolphin Hybride RS2 pool cleaner
Ref. 017162
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499 €
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Leaf catcher for Dolphin Hybride DX2
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The Hybrid RS 2 pool cleaner connected to the suction circuit is appreciated for its practicality, simplicity and dependability. Connected to the skimmer or brush adaptor, this cleaner is powered via the filtration pump.

The Dolphin RS2 combines the practicality of a hydraulic cleaner and the intelligence of an electric cleaner. Using the energy of the hydraulic flow from the pump to operate its electronic system, optimising its trajectory to equivalate an electric pool cleaner.

Dolphin RS2

Use and installation

Dolphin Hybrid RS2 pool cleaner is adapted to :
- in ground and above ground pools with rigid walls (steel or wood), slightly sloped or flat floors, maximum dimensions, 12 m in length
- All pool shapes (square, rectangular, oval, round, free form),
- All types of pool finishes (liner, PVC, ceramic, fibreglass, concrete).

This pool cleaner connects in seconds to the skimmer or the bush adaptor of your pool. It needs a minimum of a 3/4hp pump to operate.

Equipment and performance

The Dolphin RS2 is not limited to simply suctioning the debris at the bottom surface of your pool - its powerful turbine coupled with its PVC brush dislodges and shifts stubborn stains and impurities in every corner and the total floor surface, ensuring optimal cleaning.

Water, suctioned from the filter pump activates a mini turbine that produces the energy needed for trajectory and brushing : the Dolphin RS2 does not consume electricity.
Operation Dolphin RS2

The algorithm CleverClean optimises the operation of your pool cleaner. From the moment it enters your pool water, the cleaner senses the pool walls and defines your pool profile. The work cycle is adapted to complete optimal cleaning in optimal time. For example, a pool with dimensions of 8m x 4m benefits from a 1h30 cycle. :

Dolphin RS2 trajectory

Brush Dolphin Hybrid RS2
It's two rubber tracks and wall detectors give excellent handling, avoiding any risk of locking.

Its free-turn connector avoids any risk of a twisted pipe.

It's security valve ensures a constant flow rate, whatever the capacity of your pump may be (starting from 3/4hp). On the upper casing, a luminous indicator shows the correct operation of your Dolphin DX2 (flashing blue).

Made from PVC, this cleaner is resistant to chemical water treatment and temperature variations. It is supplied with 1,70meters of pipe.

Technical features of the cleaner

Hydraulic suction
Type of compatible pools
In ground or above ground (rigid walls, steel or wood)
Compatible pool shapes
Square, rectangular, oval, round, free form
Compatible pool finishes
Liner, PVC, ceramic, fibreglass, painted concrete
Flat or soft slope
Maximum dimensions of pool
12m x 6m
Skimmer or brush adaptor
Intelligent, optimised by CleverClean
Required flow
Required pump capacity
Pressure regulator
Cleaning width
Length of pipe
10 sections of 1,17m
Free turn connection
Dimensions (L x W x H) and weight of cleaner
34 x 34 x 23cm / 4kg
Dimensions (L x Wx H) and packed weight
120 x 38 x 33cm / 4,5kg

Dolphin Hybrid RS2 pool cleaner is delivered with :

- 1 flow indicator,
- 1 pipe bend 90°,
- 1 safety discharge,
- 1 skimmer adaptor.
Supplied accessories

Leaf catcher

Available option, the Dolphin leaf catcher is situated between the RS2 and the suction inlet.

With a filtering capacity of 100 microns, the leaf catcher captures debris and leaves, collects them in its container avoiding the risk of clogging your pool filter.

You reduce maintenance time on you pool filter.

Technical features

Operational system
Filtration capacity
100 microns
On the pool cleaners pipe
L23 x w19 x H28cm


2 years on e-card/motor
2 years on wear and tear parts

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