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Domo pH regulating pump
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Domo pH by abatik peristaltic dosing pump managed by wifi
Automatic pH regulation for pools up to 180 m3,
Complete management using smartphone or tablet,
Compatible with Android and iPhone
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Domo pH by abatik peristaltic dosing pump managed by wifi
Ref. 023667
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499 €
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Product tray sensor for Domo perstaltic dosing pump
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Domo pH regulating pump : How does it work ?

The Domo pH peristaltic dosing pump automatically manages the pH levels present in your pool water. This is the ideal complement to your water treatment system.
A true innovation in the domain of automated pool treatment allowing full management via tablet or smartphone. Full information and all options are available via application PHBOX which is available free of charge.

The settings of Domo pH are made using this application. You can quickly and simply visualise the pH and temperature of your pool water.

Sequential and proportional dosing is injected following analysis by the featured pH sensor. Frequency and quantity of product injected is automatically adjusted to obtain the ideal pH level.

This unique automatic dosing provides a precise display of the ideal pH and true pH reading present in your pool.

Why is pH important in a pool

The pH level is the essential element in your pool water. There are many factors which can vary your pH level : water treatment methods, temperature, frequency of pool use...
pH should be neither too acid or alkaline. The ideal pH level for pool water is considered to be between 6,8 and 7,3. The consequences of a poorly balanced pH is eye irritation, dry skin, algae proliferation...

In certain cases, even the structure of the pool can be affected.

Constant attention is required to maintain a balanced pH level and precise measures are regularly effectuated.
PH scale

Pool using Domo pH

PHBOX app for smartphone or tablet

How do I download ?

Available with Google play
Available on App store

Free of charge and available via Google play and App store.
For Apple systems : requires iOS 8.0 or other versions compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
For Android systems, Android 4.4 or following version is required.

How do I install ?

Once you download the application, it is automatically connected to the wifi signal emitted by the Domo pH regulating pump (Carrying distance of 20m approx).
If the required carrying distance is greater than 20m the use of a router is compatible.
Android systems connect automatically, iPhone systems require manual connection.

Language options are automatically set to those used on the user's smartphone or tablet.
Available languages are: French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian.

The regulator can be managed by several users at a time via smartphone or tablet.

How do I use the app ?

Managing the settings of Domo pH is fast and easy by means of an intuitive interface.
A few minutes is enough to program the menu of the regulator by means of a comprehensive menu.
For Apple systems, sweep left to right to browse menu.

Domo pH display for smartphone or tablet
PHBOX display
Once Domo pH is connected to the wifi network, unlock the home page to access settings and follow the given instructions.

1 : Reference pH settings. In a pool, pH should be between 6.8 and 7.3

2 : Water temperature

3 : pH level measured in water

4 : This symbol appears when injection is being effectuated

5 : To commence calibration

6 : Setting menu

7 : Wifi signal

Using this screen, you can configure:

- Reference pH level (which should be between 6 and 9)
- Choice of product (pH + or pH -)
- Length of injection (no more than 240 mn)
- Restoration time (no more than 240 mn)

When setting up the app you should allow notifications to be sent. These alerts will allow you to see in real-time the data sent by Domo pH.
Remember to disconnect from the PHBOX wifi network at the end of each session.
The application will guide you step by step through the calibration procedure.
Setting screen display
Setting screen

The calibration procedure

This procedure is essential to determine reference levels for measures taken by the sensor.
You are guided by the app step by step during the process.
You simply dip the sensor pH 4, then pH 7 buffering solution several times.
This is an easy operation which only takes a few moments. Be careful to fully complete this step by following the step by step instructions. If after 15 mins you have not concluded calibration, the pump will reactivate using its previous settings.

PH calibration procedure
1: sensor dipped in pH 4 buffering solution

Domo pH : calibration process with buffering solution
2: sensor dipped in pH 7 buffering solution
 calibration procedure Domo pH
fully conclude the claibrating procedure

To allow the regulator to inject pH correction, you need pH correction treatment product.

Domo pH wiring and installation

Electrical installation

Domo pH regulator operates on a "slave" configuration with pool filtration system. We recommend the installation of a power socket on the pool pump circuit. This allows the unit to be easily disconnected in emergencies (ie storm).

Both single phase or three phase pumps are compatible.

Electrical schema Domo pH
1 : Slave installation on a single-phase pump
2 : Slave installation on a three-phase pump

Installing the pH sensor

This is the central element of the of the unit, measuring pH and analysing required correction if required.

The unit should always be installed vertically and up-flow from product injection.
Sensor holder and paddle clamp
1: pH sensor holder, 2: clamp paddle for sensor holder

Installation can be carried out using one of two methods:

Without analysing chamber
The sensor is positioned directly to the canalisation pipe using a paddle clamp. Drill a 14 mm hole on the pipe and position the 50 mm x 2'' paddle clamp which holds the sensor holder.
Be sure to check that the sensor is positioned on a straight section of pipe with at least a 50cm after a PVC connection or another potential zone of turbulence.

Using analysing chamber
This method is recommended for a more precise analysis and a longer lifespan of your sensor.
The analysing chamber is not supplied.

Domo pH installation without the use of analysing chamber
Installation of pH sensor without analysing chamber
Domo pH installation with analysing chamber
Installation of pH sensor with analysing chamber
Analysing chamber with sensor holder
Analysing chamber with sensor holder

1: Domo pH : pH regulator
2: Product feedline, on slave connection from pump
3: pH- and pH+ correction product
4: Check valve
5: pH sensor
6: Filter
7: Filtration pump

Click here to buy your universal Analysing chamber with sensor holder.

Installation of the temperature sensor

Always position on the pipe, between the pump and filter to ensure dependable analysis using the sensor holder 50 mm x 3/4''.

Drill a 14 mm hole on PVC pipe and install the paddle clamp, on which the temperature sensor is placed.
Temperature sensor and paddle clamp
1: Temperature sensor, 2: Sensor holder / paddle clamp

Installation of the dosing pump

Installed as indicated on the schema:

1 : Peristaltic pump

2 : Injector

3 : 3/8 '', 1/2'' adaptor

4 : 1/2"" 50 mm injector holder

5 : Sieves

6 : Counterweight

7 : Piping - adjust during installation
Domo pH installation schema

On option : end of product tray sensor

This option, which is rarely available, proves to be very useful and is highly recommended to avoid premature wear and tear of the dosing material.

The red, flashing signal «STATE» indicates the product container is empty and stops pump operation.

No particular technical competence is required for installation and the system has been designed for the integration of this option.
This option is automatically recognised by the application.
Empty tray sensor

Domo pH : composition of kit

Included elements :

- 1 Domo pH unit
- 2 50 x tr ½ paddle clamps
- 1 50 x tr ¾ clamp
- 1 PH sensor
- 1 4x6 4 ml tube for suction and discharge
- 1 noir ½ black sensor holder
- 1 ½ x 3/8 adaptor
- 1 ½ injection valve
- 1 counterweight sieve
- 1 temperature sensor
- 1 pH 4 and pH 7 buffering solution
- 1 instruction manual

Perfectly balanced pH with Domo pH



- pH correction products must be stored in a ventilated area as gas emissions could cause damage to the material.

- A sensor which has been correctly installed should be changed every three years at a maximum. Never leave out of the water, specifically during cold periods. To winterize, remove from holder and place in original packaging.

- The Santoprene tubing used with the pump should be changed each year.

- The injector and end of product tray sensor must be correctly and regularly maintained. To winterize, thoroughly rinse in cold water.


2 years (expecting wear and tear parts)

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