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Hot tub spa Jupiter

Hot tub spa Jupiter
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  • Up to 5 persons
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Key functions

Your hot tub spa Jupiter will perform a deeply intensive relaxing massage that will treat your back with the wave produced by the ‘Wave seat’.

Its space saving design allows accommodating up to 5 persons for your daily, complete hydro-massage sessions in little space it takes up.

Jupiter does not require any particular installation. It just needs to be hooked up to the mains socket and filled with water using a simple hose. Temperature and bubbles intensity is set with LCD control panel. Needs to be drained and refilled with fresh water every 3 months.

Key features

Person capacity4 in 5 persons including 1 lounger
Capacity1100 litres
Dimensions2,00 x 2,20 x 0,99 m
Dual water jet for back massage1
Adjustable neck jets2
Whirlpool jet1
Luxury revolving water jets12 (correspond to 36 direct jets)
Air jets14
Adjustable Direct Jets24
Circulation jets4
Filtration systemautomatic Balboa
2-speed pump2 x 2hp
Air injectorYes
Lamp12 Volts
Spa coverincluded (thickness 5 cm)
Wave seatYes

Jupiter's key features
Jupe du spaSkirting
Skirting of Jupiter hot tub spa is made from ultra resistant synthetic matter which combines the natural beauty of wood with excellent durability and resistance to UV rays.
Couverture d isolation du spaCover
All hot tub spas are furnished with isolated cover (10cm) necessary to keep the water at a set temperature level and as a security protection.
Prise de courant du spaEasy installation
Your hot tub spa needs a standard electrical supply to run. To protect your installation a differential 30mA circuit-breaker must be installed - (Norm C15-100).

Console du spaFinger touch LCD control panel
Set the temperature and massage jets intensity with a simple finger touch.
Lumière du spaAmbience lights
Add a glowing ambience to your hot tub spa quality session.
Installed for easy access to your hot tub spa, safety and convenience.

Wave seat
Wide patterns of cluster jets are arranged in rows from the shoulder to hip. Each row of pulsating jets fires on and off, ripping up and down your back to relax the muscles, soothe away stress, and drain away pain. The wave seat is wide enough for two persons.

Colours and options

Starry Night Blue
Galaxy Green

Black Sparkle
Desert Horizon
Pearl Shadow


Wooden 2-step stairs special hot tub spa

Spa water treatment starter pack

Includes :

A - 1,2 kg of Bromine tablets

B - 1,2 kg of Non-chlorine shock

C - 1,2 kg of pH reducer powder

D - 1,2 kg of pH increaser powder

E - 1 L of Sparkling water 3 in 1

F - 1 L of Spa cleaner

G - 1 Box of 25 water test strips

H - 1x Water treatment guide

CD/FM player
at best price

CD/FM player CLARION "blue navy" XMD3 totally waterproof integrated control panel

CD/FM player


Remote CD/FM player control panel
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