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Klimaluft DDS Standard ambient dehumidifier

Klimaluft DDS Standard dehumidifier
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Klimaluft DDS 040 Standard dehumidifier
DDS Standard atmospheric dehumidifier
Control panel.
Range of 10 models with a capacity from 1.9 to 9.4 L/hour
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Klimaluft DDS 040 Standard dehumidifier
Ref. 019623
EUR 3129
3129 €
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Klimaluft DDS 050 Standard dehumidifier
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EUR 3229
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Klimaluft DDS 060 Standard dehumidifier
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Klimaluft DDS 070 Standard dehumidifier
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Klimaluft DDS 090 Standard dehumidfier
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Klimaluft DDS 100 Standard dehumidifier
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Klimaluft DDS 160 Standard dehumidifier
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Klimaluft DDS 190 Standard dehumidifier
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Klimaluft DDS 210 Standard dehumidifier
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Klimaluft DDS 230 Standard dehumidifier
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The DDS Standard ambient has been designed to dehumidify indoor pools.

This atmospheric model maintains dry air and limits condensation to avoid damage caused by excessive humidity : rust, damage, mould...

How does it work ?

This model manages independently the humidity level using an integrated hygrostat.

The unit also activates dehumidification, alarms defrosting cycles and their running time.

The DDS design is elegant and discreet making this a perfect model for your interior and equally for public use, such as hotels, spas, etc...

In terms of efficiency, dependability and noise level this model is outstanding and easy to maintain. Only its filter (removable in one movement) should be rinsed in water (approximately every three months).
Klimaluft DDS Standard dehumidifier

The range is composed of 10 models with a capacity of dehumidification between 1.9 and 9.4 L/hour.
Many other models are available on our site :
- Built-in to gain space and for more discretion.
- Klimaluft DDS dehumidifier with hot water battery to reheat ambient air when connected to a boiler or heat pump.
- With an integrated electrical heater, to reheat ambient air.


- The various models of Klimaluft are adapted to all pools, spas and rooms with a humidity level that requires management (cellar, library, museum, archives...).

- 7 ventilation speeds (3 speeds for models 210-230).

- Polymer ventilator (made from steel for the models 210 -230)ensuring resistance to corrosion and a reduction of noise level.

- Using a scroll compressor, which proves to create less noise and uses less energy.

This dehumidifier uses an insulating cover for further noise reduction.

-In reply to environmental requirements the dehumidifier DDS standard is equipped with R 410A cooling liquid.

Spacer20 Scroll technology Low noise Dehumidification Ozone friendly
Spacer20 scroll compressor - Low noise level - Dehumidification - R 410A cooling liquid

Klimaluft DDS Standard dehumidifier insitu

Control panel

The control panel is composed of a micro processing card which can be programmed with digital display options and settings of the dehumidifier with an intuitive and complete display.
With integrated temperature and humidity probe, you can control temperature (for models equipped with a heater), humidity and running times.
By means of the control panel, the dehumidifier ensures in an independent manner, the management of temperature and humidity.
Functions of the control panel :

• Temperature and humidity probe
• Low pressure evaporation protection probe
• Ventilation speed control during dehumidification and air circulation
• On/off management at set times
• Temperature management by set times
• Humidity management at set times
• Alarm log management
• Automatic defrost management
• Alarm signal
• Graphic, back-lit screen
• Screen portable up to 20m (to be fixed to a wall)
Control panel Klimaluft DDS Standard dehumidifier


• The unit has been designed so the components remain inaccessible when they are closed.
• The unit is totally accessible from the front panel for easy, simple maintenance.
• The nuts and bolts are rustproof (Stainless steel or carbon).
• The collection reservoir is also made from stainless steel.
• All joinery work is completely varnished with polyester powder.
• The heat exchanger is made with an anti-corrosion treatment
Operation Klimaluft DDS Standard dehumidifier


ModelsDDS 040 - 050 - 060DDS 070 - 090 - 100DDS 160 - 190DDS 210 - 230
L x W x D850 x 780 x 2801050 x 780 x 2801350 x 850 x 3301550 x 850 x 330
Weight46 kg55 kg88 kg100 kg

Technical features

Models/DDS 040DDS 050DDS 060DDS 070DDS 090DDS 100DDS 160DDS 190DDS 210DDS 230
Dehumidification capacity (30°C/80% R.H)L/h1,92,22,52,83,746,97,78,89,4
Air flow at nominal speedm3/h3504505006007008001000120015001500
Power consumedkW0,90,9111,71,72,62,73,63,9
Cooling liquid/R410AR410AR410AR410AR410AR410AR410AR410AR410AR410A
Power supplyV/ph/Hz230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50
Working temperature°C12 - 3612 - 3612 - 3612 - 3612 - 3612 - 3612 - 3612 - 3612 - 3612 - 36
Working humidity rate%45 - 9545 - 9545 - 9545 - 9545 - 9545 - 9545 - 9545 - 9545 - 9545 - 95


ModelDDS 040DDS 050DDS 060DDS 070DDS 090DDS 100DDS 160DDS 190DDS 210DDS 230
Amperage10 A10 A10 A10 A16 A16 A20 A20 A20 A20 A


2 years

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