Lily micro projector for pools

Lily micro projector for pools
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SPA LILY WUM4 mini projector 5m cable
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LED micro projector for pool
Easy installation in ø20mm rigid electrical duct
Powerful 230lm beam
Low electrical consumption
White beam
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The Lily LED micro projector diffuses an intense beam reaching 230 lumens per projector.

Its small size coupled with low energy consumption (4w) offers the possibility of installing several micro projectors to create a luminous zone to valorise stairs, an immersed border or a section of your pool.

Adaptable to concrete pools, designed to slide into a 20mm in diameter rigid electrical duct
Lily micro projector for pools

The Lily is supplied with a resin-covered 2,5m power cable which is perfectly sealed.

Transformer power

The LED Lily micro projector must be connected to a
transformer producing a secondary power supply of
This supply must be adequate to the requirement of the total number of micro projectors to which it is connected.
Transformer capacity
Total number of Lily micro projectors

The below table indicates the number of micro projectors that the transformer can power, depending on its capacity.

Installation schema

The Lily micro projector has been designed for installation in a ø20mm rigid electrical duct (1). This duct can be previously sealed in the pool wall (2) as a wall crossing in which the projectors cable is positioned.

To ensure the Lily is perfectly in line with the pool wall surface, it is important to perfectly position the rigid electrical duct at 90° with the pool wall when sealing.

Installation method for Lily micro projector for pools

Technical characteristics

Power supply
12V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Energy consumed
Maximum lumens
Type of LED
Power LED
Number of LED's
ø25mm x 93mm in length
ø20mm rigid electrical duct
Weight of micro projector

Contents of packaging

- 1 Lily micro projector with 2,5 meters of cable
- 2 O-rings
- 1 instruction sheet


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