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Water treatment with BIOZONE ozonator

Water treatment with BIOZONE ozonator
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Functioning principle

Ozone ‘active oxygen’ is a very powerful sanitizer. It primarily acts as an oxidizer and also bactericide, germicide and biocide.
This natural compound possesses very powerful oxidation properties.

+ 2.07 V
Chlorine bioxyde
+ 1.50 V
+ 1.49 V
+ 1.36 V

Ozone water treatment is frequently used to sanitize pool and spa water. It is also environment friendly and waste-free.
Moreover, ozone prevents from chlorine by-product formation and other forms of chloramines and trihalomethanes, very harmful for your health and bathers comfort. Thanks to ozone treatment, your filter backwash waste water contains very little chemical products and does not pollute the environment.

Ozone is used not only to disinfect swimming pool water. Its usage is also very common in treatment of drinking water. Therefore the quality of the water obtained through ozone treatment is comparable to that of your tap water.

Ozone action

- Disinfection
- Oxidation
- Floculation
- Deodorisation

Ozone treatment allows for sensible reduction in quantity of complementary remanent products.

Key features

Ozone is produced with ozone lamps which have several advantages:
- Economical
- Simple
- Reliable
- Environment friendly
- Maintenance-free

This technique of Ozone lamp combined with venturi system guarantees a reliable, simple and economic concept. Standard usage of your pool allows for at least 4 years life expectancy of your lamp.

Three units are currently at your disposal for different pool volumes and filtration systems capacity.
ModelMax pool volume (m3)Filtration (hp)
BIOZONE 170m31 hp
BIOZONE 2120m32 hp
BIOZONE 3200m33 hp

In order to enhance the precision of the ozone system and manage it automatically, we advise you to make use of the remanent control product BIOZONE pack ORP.

BIOZONE asembly diagram

1. Remanent product container
2. ORP pack
3. Pump pack
4. BIOZONE pack
A. Pool suction
6. Ozone connector
7. Pump
8. Filter
9. ORP sensor chamber
10. pH regulation option
B. Pool return line
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