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Safety barrier IASO Flash-N-Transparent

Safety barrier IASO Flash-N-Transparent
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Complies with NF P90-306 standard
Pool fencing, combines security and aestetics
Self assembly pool fencing kit - height 1,22 m
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-306
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Pool dimensions (rectangular form)Fencing length with self-latching gate (1 m distance from the pool edge)Rate: Consult us
7 x 3 m28 mlRate: Consult us
8 x 4 m32.25 mlRate: Consult us
10 x 5 m38 mlRate: Consult us
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Key functions


The barrier is delivered in standard modules of 0,50 meters or 1,25 meters. Each module is delivered with two posts mounted on plexiglas. Height of the barrier : 1,22 m.

The modules of the barrier are interconnected with a hinge connection system.
Transparent plexiglas mounted on a silver railing.

Very simple, it does not even require any drill to install the posts (1,25 meters apart)

No maintenance
The base of the posts made of lacquered cast aluminium. The barrier does not need any maintenance.
All the structure is made of anodized or lacquered aluminium.

Protection barriers for private and collective swimming pools "Flash-N".
Protection barriers Flash-N transparent for swimming pools, (complies with NF P 90 306 standard) to protect toddlers and young children from the risk of accidental fall into the pool.

Aesthetic and discreet
The Flash-N-transparent barrier blends very well into the pool environment.


Posts with bases
The base of the structure are fastened to the ground with two sleeper screws.

Connection and tension

The posts are connected together with an articulated element which allows changing direction of the barrier when needed according to the pool shape.

Transparent sheets
Transparent plexiglas.

Self-latching gate

Structure :

The barrier is composed of anodized aluminium profiles and a straight connector on each angle. It can be easily adjusted to the whole barrier structure with its angle adjustments. The self-latching gate is 70 cm large.

Self-latching gate with automatic groom:

The self-latching gate is equipped with an automatic groom system which is out of reach of children. Only an adult is able to lift up knob on the top and pull gate open. The gate can also simply be locked to limit access to the pool. It is equipped with an automatic groom. Complies with NF P90 306 security norm.

Assembling of the barriers Flash-N IASO

The barrier must be installed at least at 1 meter distance from the pool in a concrete slab (at least 7 mm thick). Mark the holes of the first post.

Drill the holes with 8 mm drill bit. Once drilled, insert the dowels into each hole (approx. 55 mm deep). Screw the post firmly into the ground.

The post firmly attached, screw the plexiglass panels.

Mark and drill the holes. Attach the following post. Repeat the action as many times as necessary.

In order to assemble two modules, insert the welded support into one extremity of a panel.

It is necessary to adjust the supports and secure them with a stop screw.

The self-latching gate is the last module to assemble. It is delivered premounted, although it will have to be adjusted in the final assembling stage.

Once the sides adjusted, fit together the supports. Attach the horizontal profiles, then the door latching system.

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