PROVOLET filtering pool shutter protection

Provolet protection cover
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15.90 €/m²
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PROVOLET filtering winter cover for pool shutter shape A
EUR 10.59
Weaved polypropylene with anti-UV treatment,
Fixation by water cushion
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PROVOLET indication of prices

PROVOLET rectangular winter protection cover
Pool shapeShape A*Shape B*
* Overlap of the cover 120 cm on the width and length of the pool.
Price per m²10.59 €11.09 €

Leg cut for above ground pool shutters
Leg cut for above ground pool shutters(X2)
39.90 €

Shapes A
Forme A : pour piscines ectangulaires
Shapes B
Forme B : pour piscines ovales, rondes, en huit, parallélogramme

Large cover provolet

Characteristics of the PROVOLET winter cover for pool shutter

The PROVOLET filtering winter cover for pool shutter has been specifically designed to protect your pool shutter during the Winter season from vegetal debris and leaves. Without labour, it adapts to all pool shapes (traditional or free form) without defacing your pool area.
The PROVOLET cover requires no fixation points and is maintained on ground level by the weight of water-filled cushions integrated into the covers parameter. This cover retains dirt, leaves, insects etc.

Fillable water cushions
PVC coated polyester grill 150 g/m²
Temperature resistance gauge
from - 25 °C to +50°C
anti-UV, anti-cryptogamic and anti-bacterial
Maximum dimensions
Compatible with all pool types
2 seasons
120 cm on the length and width of the pool (being 60cm per side)

Water cushion anchor system
The integrated water cushions ensure perfect maintenance of the cover without damaging the pool surround.
Fine weave finish
The fine weave finish of the cover facilitates the evacuation of rainwater and formation of water pockets on the covers surface.

Installation schema PROVOLET

Provolet schema
The PVC water cushions are situated on the parameter of your cover and are filled with water during installation.
Reminder : this is not a security cover.


2 seasons

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