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Caliente solar heating Dome for above ground pools

solar heating dome
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Caliente solar heating Dome for above ground pools
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Discover the Caliente solar heating Dome, the economic solution for heating your pool free of charge with solar energy.
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The Caliente solar heating Dome allows you to heat your pool free of charge via solar energy, ensuring the heating of your pool while respecting the environment.

Optimal performance

The Caliente solar heating Dome is distinguished by its innovating design.
Its pyramidal conception allows an optimal capture of sun rays.
Guaranteeing a more performant transfer of heat than a classic solar panel, reducing considerably the required installation space.
Featuring a transparent cover that captures a maximum amount of UV rays optimising its performance.
Solar heating dome

Highly efficient, this Dome allows you to add up to +5°C to your pool temperature during the summer season*.

for pools with a maximum volume of 60 m³

Each Dome is designed to produce heat for a maximum volume of 15m³. It is possible to install a maximum series of 4 heating Domes, producing more power, heating up to 60 m³.

4 series solar dome

Simple and efficient 4-step system

1. The transparent polycarbonate cover of the solar Dome captures a maximal amount of UV rays and transfers the stocked energy towards the black pipe.

2. A greenhouse effect is produced inside the Dome.

3. The water contained in the black pipe is heated.

4. The heated water flows into your pool water.
Sun rays on solar dome

Operational schema solar heat

A supply pipe brings cold water to the Dome from the filtration unit (1).

The water flow can be adjusted using the supplied by-pass (2).

The water is heated by a greenhouse effect and passes through the Dome (3), the heated water then flows into the pool or through the discharge nozzles (4).

Installation of solar heater

Situating the Dome in the filtration circuit

The solar Dome must be installed on the circuit after the filtering elements (pump and filter) to avoid the introduction of impurities into the circuit of the solar heater.

Positioning the Dome

In order to optimise its performance, the Dome should be positioned in the sunniest spot possible during daytime hours. Avoid a shaded position during the most intensive hours of sunlight during the day (between 11h and 16h).

Use of By-Pass

The By-Pass is composed of a 3-way valve completed with piping elements (couplings and T pipe connection), allowing you to divert all or some of your pools water to the solar Dome. This feature allows you to control the water flow inlet to your Dome, assuring an optimal heating temperature for your pool. This feature equally simplifies the process of winterizing your pool.

Technical features of the Dome

1 Dome for
8 litres
Maximum pressure
1,5 bars
Net weight of Dome
Dimensions of Dome
L 72 x b 72 x H 24cm
Dimensions of packaging
L 74 x l 74 x H 25cm
Extendable feet
For a better orientation of the Dome towards the sun
2 series solar dome

Composition of solar heating kit:

- 1 solar Dome

- 1 instruction manual
- Connection kit including:
Inlet and outlet pipe length 100mm and diameter 38mm
2 couplings
2 O rings
2 Serflex collars
2 reducers 38/32mm
- 1 By-pass kit including:
1 3 way valve
1 T connection
1 32 and 38mm diameter adaptor
6 Serflex collars
1 roll of Teflon

Composition solar dome kit

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Solar Dome
Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20 By-pass kit and connection kit

How much solar powered heat do I need?

Pool dimensions
Dimensions of poolVolume**Quantity of Domes
Ø350 x h90cm8m³1
Ø450 x h90cm13,5m³1
Ø460 x h120cm18m³2
Ø640 x h120cm35,3m³3

Pool dimensions

Dimension of poolVolume**Quantity of Domes
640 x 366 x 120cm25m³2
730 x 366 x 120cm28,5m³2
915 x 457 x 120cm45m³3

* Estimation of temperature gain can vary depending on the volume of the pool and the duration of exposition to the sun during the day.
** The volumes can vary depending on pool manufacturers. Check the volume of your pool.

Conditions of use

• A solar heater for pool uses free energy from the sun to heat your pool. In return, it is a slow and gradual system of heating. You will notice a slight difference in temperature after several days of sun.

• The temperature rises in the day with the effect of the heat of the sun and lowers at night with the presence of coolness and evaporation. We advise you to use a solar blanket to limit evaporation during the night and conserve heat. If a solar cover is not used, it would be difficult to conserve the gain of temperature by the solar heater during the day.

• It is imperative to purge the solar Dome in preparation for the winter season and store it in a frost proof area during the winter months.

• Damage caused by frost is not covered in the conditions of the guarantee.


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