DANTHERM CDP 45 dehumidifier

DANTHERM CDP 45 dehumidifier
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DANTHERM CDP 45 dehumidifier
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DANTHERM CDP 45 dehumidifier
Ref. 001842
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DANTHERM CDP 45 dehumidifier with hot water battery
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Key functions

The CDP range of ducted dehumidifiers has been specially designed for dehumidification in commercial pools and spas, in larger private pools and any other aggressive environment where high capacities are required to control the humidity.

Dehumidifiers draw moist air in over a cold evaporator where the air is cooled to temperature below the dew point. The air returned is cool and dry. The temperature of the dehumified air extracted by the blower rises approximately 5°C.

The Dantherm CDP 45 is an entirely automatic dehumidifier. It is very silent and commanded by integrated hygrostat. An LCD screen indicates clearly the functioning mode. Very easy maintenance.

2,1 L/h
Air flow
500 m³/h
1050 W
Absorbed power *
0.86 KW
Power supply
Absorbed intensity
4.3 A
Noise level (distance 1m)
49 dBA
Refrigerant fluid
Dimensions (HxLxP)
800 x 1260 x 315 mm
74 Kg

*Under nominal conditions: water 28°, air 28 °C, hygrometry 65%
Le Dantherm CDP 45 is to be installed at two meters distance from the pool with respect of the C.15.100 standard. The heating system is optional and can be integrated (hot water battery). Humidity control for interior pools by closed circuit dehumidification.

Optional. Hot water battery.
Can be installed on the floor or wall mounted.

At temperatures under 20°C the evaporator may start to ice up. The evaporator sensor registers the icing up so the compressor is stopped and the unit switches over to defrosting. Defrosting takes place by warm room air being blown onto the evaporator by the two fans whereby the ice on the evaporator is melted.
When the evaporator sensor registers that there is no more ice on the evaporator, the compressor starts again. The hygrostat relative humidity is preset by the manufacturer at 60%. Electronic control panel indicates different unit modes:
1. The unit is connected to the mains.
2. Dehumidification - the compressor is working.
3. Refrigerant circuit is out of order - the unit is turned off.
4. The hot water battery is connected (only for the models with hot water battery)

Main advantages

High quality product
Galvanized steel and interior/exterior painted housing
Low energy consumption
Rotary compressor radial fan
Silent functioning
47 dB at 1 meter distance


2 years

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