Dehumidifier Zodiac Sirocco 80

Déshumidificateur PSA Ambiance
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Ambience dehumidifier
ideal for interior pools
maxi 30 m²
Integrated hygrostat
Capacity 3,4 l/hour
  • Maximum pool volume 30 m3
  • Single-phase
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Dehumidifier Zodiac Sirocco 80 in detail

Ambiance dehumidifier Sirocco 80 for maximum water surface 30 m²

Dehumidifiers are used to lower the moisture content of air inside a room or other closed space. This monobloc unit will allow you to lower the humidity rate and keep it at the right level in your interior swimming pool for the bather’s comfort. It is equipped with a thermodynamic circuit (air-air heat pump) which transforms hot and humid air into hot and dry air.

The fitted Sirocco installs through the wall in an adjoining room or technical room. The room can be heated through a hot water battery or an electric heater. It controls the humidity level in interior pools and keeps ambient air comfortable and dry.

- Monobloc dehumidifier to install in the technical room at two meters distance from the pool according to C.15.100. standard
- Direct decompression thermodynamic system
- Scroll compressor
- ABS housing plastic coated. Adjustable blower grille. Refrigerant fluid: R 407 C

3,4 L/h
Absorbed intensity
5,05 A
Energy input **
1100 W
Energy output **
2310 W
Power supply
Condensation drain hose
16 mm
Air flow
800 m³/h
Noise level*
Acoustic pressure at 5m*

Optional equipment

PSA Sirocco 80 Ambiance hot water battery
PSA Sirocco 80 Ambiance electric heater

**The technical data applies to the following conditions: water 28°, air 28 °C, hygrometry 65%
* Certified data according to EN ISO 3741 and EN ISO 354 standards by the CTTM ( Technical research centre of Le Mans, France).

Dimensions of the ambience dehumidifier SIROCCO 80

Ambience dehumidifier Sirocco 80 with hot water battery
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