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  • Complies with standard NF P 90-307 A1
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Aqualarm conforms to NF P90-307 A1 standard.
The AQUALARM device consists in an immersed probe which reacts to the differences of pressure in the swimming pool. These data are transmitted to a microprocessor thanks to electronic circuit. This microprocessor analyzes the signal, and, thanks to advanced mathematical functions, eliminates the data parasites (wind, counter-current unit, cleaning robot, filtration system, etc ...)
Aqualarm is equipped with two functioning modes: watchguard mode and bathing mode.

Aqualarm is equipped with an exclusive system anti-theft device: any attempt of dismantling, without preliminary seizure of the personal identification number starts the integrated sirens.

Alarm's characteristics

Maximum pool dimensions
10 x 5 m
Security lock system
Preset system
Automatic after bathing
Electronic waterproof unit
Ultra low intake technology
Power supply
4 standard alkaline batteries LR20 1.5 V included
System warning indications
(batteries, link, radio, etc.) with acoustic and light control signal
2 sirens included
115 dB
System compatible
with a majority of swimming pools
Shock and UV resistant
25,5 x 25,5 x 6,5 cm
2 years

Optional remote device

Remote device features :

• Alert signals :
In case of detection of fall in the swimming pool, the remote siren is also activated.
• Failure signals :
In case of detection of a low level of batteries or sensor's failure, the remote device starts the siren and warning lights.
• System management:
All actions can be made using the remote unit (transfer from watchguard to bathing mode.)

Remote device characteristics :

• Security radio link with multi frequency waves
• LCD touchscreen for system management
• Waterproof siren 115 dB
• Ultra low intake technology
• Powered by 4 standard alkaline batteries type LR20
• System indicator (on/off, low batteries, radio link ...) with acoustic and light signal
• ABS body teated anti-UV and anti-shock
• Little in size 180x155x60mm
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