WALU SAND AIR inflatable cover

Walu sand air
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45 €/m²
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36.90 €/m² Including VAT
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WALU SAND AIR opaque inflatable cover
EUR 36.90
Inflatable cover for pools up to 11,5m x 5m,
doubled, welded PVC fabric, density 580g/m2
Fixation by eyelets, bungee clicks and stainless steel retractable bolts
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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Discover the WALU SAND AIR inflatable cover, anti-debris protection to preserve your pool water !
The design of the majority of winter covers retain leaves and other vegetal debris by forming a pocket in the middle of the surface area.
The wind can lift the cover leaving access for the debris into your pool water.
Using new innovation, the WALU SAND AIR inflatable cover provides an efficient solution to these problems.

2 PVC panels are welded on the covers parameter, forming an air pocket above the pool surface.
- The upper convexed section avoids the retention of snow, leaves and other vegetal debris.
- The lower section, cut to the inner dimensions of the pool, is in contact with the pool border when the cover is inflated, creating a sealed joint on the pool parameter as a whole.
By its convexed design, snow, leaves and rainwater are not retained by the cover and do not penetrate into the pool.
Assembly of the 2 PVC panels by high-frequency welding offering excellent resistance
Easy to install
Using an inflator, the cover is easily prepared and installed in a few moments.
The cover conforms to the norm NF P 90-308.


Prices for the WALU SAND AIR inflatable cover

PriceRecommended retail price 2013 including VATSwimming pool online price
Price per m²45 euros including VAT36,90 euros including VAT

Inner dimensions of pool (without overlap)*Recommended retail price 2014 including VATSwimming pool online price
7m x 3,5m1455 euros including VAT1194 euros including VAT
8m x 4m1840 euros including VAT1509 euros including VAT
9m x 4,5m2270 euros including VAT1861 euros including VAT
10m x 5m2745 euros including VAT2250 euros including VAT
11,5m x 5m3129 euros including VAT2566 euros including VAT

Features of the winter cover

Composed of two-layered PVC opaque panels with a density of 580 g/m2, the WALU SAND AIR avoids rainwater and impurities penetrating your pool.
The convexed shape of the WALU SAND AIR hermetically protects your pool during the whole winter season, reducing your chemical treatment consumption when you start up your pool in the Springtime.
The WALU SAND AIR is entirely assembled by high-frequency welding, avoiding weak points as time goes on.
The WALU SAND AIR inflatable cover conforms to the norm NF P90-308, and has been tested and validated for swimming pool security with maximum inner dimensions of 11,5 x 5m .
Without labour, this cover adapts to all rectangular pool shapes without visually deforming your pool area.
The certificate of validity NF P 90-308 is supplied with the cover.
Installation schema WALU SAND AIR

Retractable bolts
Bungee fixations with tie downs
Density of the PVC fabric
580 g/m²
Average weight of the cover
1200 g/m²
Maximum size
11,5 m x 5 m
Compatible with all types of pools
Rectangular (with possibility of steps being positioned on the pool width)
3 years
Anticipate an overlap of
70 cm on the length and width of the pool (supplement of 35cm on each side)

Inflating valve
Pump Walu sand air

A few minutes is enough to install your WALU SAND AIR inflatable cover using its inflation system.
Connect the electric inflator (on option) to the inflation valve, the cover is inflated in just a few minutes.
Bungee fixations and tiedowns
Retractable bolt

The cover is then attached to your pool surround using double bungee fixations, linking the covers eyelets to the retractable bolts situated on the pool surround.
The bungee fixations are then tensioned to ensure a correct seal between the pool surround and the cover, creating excellent hermetical conditions.
For pools with inner dimensions superior 8m x 4m, we recommend adding a removable, longitudinal strap (available on option).

Available colours of the cover WALU SAND AIR

Blue / sandBlue/beige underside
<br />
green/beigeGreen/beige underside
Almond green/beigeAlmond green/beige underside
Sand/sandSand/sand underside
Grey/greyGrey/grey underside


3 years

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