TEDDY POOL 4-season heat pump

TEDDY POOL 4-season heat pump
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Teddy Pool 5 4 season heat pump
Heats or cools your pool water, TITANIUM exchanger, automatic defrost option, operational up to -10°C, offset control panel.
Compatible with all water treatments.
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Teddy Pool 5 4 season heat pump
Ref. 011925
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Teddy Pool 8 4 season heat pump
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Teddy Pool 10 4 season heat pump
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Teddy Pool 14 4 season heat pump
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Teddy Pool 17 4 season heat pump
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Teddy Pool 22 4 season heat pump
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Teddington wellness digital distance control panel LS-SKW22
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You want to enjoy your pool from Springtime till Autumn and even in the Winter if your pool is covered ? This becomes a reality with the range of heat pumps from TEDDY POOL.

Powerful and efficient
Only 1 kW consumed for 4,5 kW of heat restituted to the pool water. The R410A is the cooling liquid chosen by TEDDY POOL, as it is the most powerful and efficient and is kind to the environment.

The heat pump warms the pool water and can also cool water during a heat wave period. This function also enables an instant defrost when the unit begins to ice up. The TEDDY POOL range of heat pumps can be used during the 4 seasons of the year in an outdoor, indoor or veranda / terrace configuration, residential or private situations.

Easy to install
This heat pump can easily be installed after the pool construction as it uses standard 50mm PVC water connections and 5-meter connected power cord. When the filtration pump stops, the heat pump is automatically stopped by its flow controller. When the filtration pump starts, the heat pump starts also, without your intervention.

TEDDY POOL 4 season heat pump
TEDDY POOL 4 season heat pump
TEDDY POOL heat pump, model 5, 8, 10 et 14 et 17.
TEDDY POOL 4 season heat pump
TEDDY POOL heat pump, model TEDDY POOL 22.

Main advantages

4 season heat pump with fast defrost function with reversing cycle valve.
Entirely automatic operation, immediately put into use by the user.
Titanium pool water exchanger for high-performance, compatible with salt water treatment.
Automatic dry run protection by integrated water flow controller.
Very low noise level in operation.
Reversible cycle to cool your pool water during heat wave periods.
Simple and fast hydraulic and electric connections.
Easy to use, low voltage offset control panel.
Anti-corrosive construction in galvanised steel, baked paintwork, stainless steel hardware.
R410A high-performance cooling liquid without CFC.
High-quality cooling circuit with DAIKIN or TOSHIBA scroll or rotary compressor.
High-pressure manometer on the front panel with internal pressure measure.
Supplied with 4 anti-vibration mounts
Autochanger function to change from HOT to COLD mode.

Technical characteristics

Working volume of waterfrom 20 to 30m³from 30 to 50m³from 40 to 70m³from 50 to 80m³from 55 to 90m³from 75 to 120m³
Heating capacity (air/15°C , water 24°C)4,6kW8,1kW10,4 kW13,8kW17,3kW21,9kW
Heating capacity (air/-10°C , water 24°C)2kW3,5kW4,5kW6kW7,5kW9,5kW
Electric capacity1,05kW1,7kW2,3kW3,1kW3,8kW4,8kW
Electrical power ( 5 meter cable supplied)230 V230V230V230V400V400V
Cooling liquid without CFC410A410A410A410A410A410A
Air flow2200m³/h2200m³/h2800m³/h2800m³/h3600m³/h4400m³/h
Type of compressorrotaryrotaryrotaryrotaryscrollscroll
Decibels at 1 m (dBa)474850525555
Decibels at 10 m (dBa)333435363939
Working range-10°C to +40°C-10°C to +40°C-10°C to +40°C-10°C to +40°C-10°C to +40°C-10°C to +40°C
Length/width/Height (mm)1110/420/6101110/420/6101110/380/6101045/380/7101165/425/7401165/425/1145
Weight (Kg)5562687895121
Inlet outlet connection50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm

Distance command box
The distant display and command panel can be installed in the house or technical shelter. This option allows you to manage all settings and options of your heat pump in comfort.
The distant command box has a carrying range of up to 100m.
Digital display TEDDY POOL 4 season heat pump


Installation of your TEDDY POOL heat pump
Installation Concept Caliente Easy heat pump <br />
1. TEDDY POOL heat pump
2. Pool pump
3. Filtration pump
4. Suction
5. Discharge
6. Condensation evacuation
7. Inlet hot air
8. Outlet cold air
9. Power supply 220-240V/50Hz or 380-400V/50Hz depending on model

Doseco dosing pump
Dinodos EASY dosing pump


U connect
U connect schema

The Connection kit U-connect links a heat pump to your pool without labour, plumbing or tools. This quick installation does not require electricity and avoids the need for a by-pass. All you need to do is connect the two supplied pipes to your heat pump Caliente Easy and connect them to the mobile U-Connect box. Thanks to its self-priming action, the unit U-Connect stays independent from your filtering system. You can have hot water, faster, without losing heat through piping as often is the case with a classic system.


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