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Accessories for saunas

Discover our full range and promotional prices on sauna accessories : thermometers, sauna ladles and buckets, slatted flooring... Everything you need to complement your sauna environment at the best discount price

Price : 76 

Abachi wood headrest, sauna specific Adjustable inclination

Price : 75 

Hammered copper sauna bucket, Wooden handle, 4 litre capacity

Price : 60 

Cleaning kit for saunas from 5 to 10 m3 including: 1 500ml bottle of sauna cleaning and disinfecting fluid 1 500ml bottle of paraffin oil to...

Price : 45 

Sauna specific, Temperature : 20 to 120 °C Hygrometer : 0 to 70 %

Starting from : 161 

Set of 5 slats, available in lengths of 1m90 or 2m40, 8cm wide, 2 cm thick for bench use. Abachi, sauna specific wood without sap discharge or...

Price : 159 

Kit including 6 sauna accessories including : 1 lamp and lamp shade, 1 sauna bucket and ladle, 1 thermo-hygro thermometer and hourglass

Starting from : 29 

15-minute hourglass, Wooden frame, 27cm x 5cm

Price : 62 

Authentic soapstone, carved in the mass statuette To be placed on your sauna stones. After sauna preheats, pour water into the statuettes...

Price : 65 

Wooden thermometer Humoristic design Operational temperature range from 20 to 120 °C

Price : 46 

Wooden ventilation shutter, Sliding section on frame, To be integrated into sauna structure

Price : 29 

Wooden clothes, robe or towel hook for sauna use.

Price : 59 

Copper ladle, sauna specific

Price : 80 

Sauna specific lamp, for interior use, Ceramic base, Bulb not supplied

Starting from : Consult us

Larch wood bucket 5 l capacity Plastic bucket protection Galvanized steel double strapping

Starting from : Consult us

Sauna lampshade

Starting from : Consult us

Sauna wooden ladle

Price : 39 

Set of 2 wooden sauna brushes with wall-mount frame

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