PH dosing pumps

Dosing pumps for + pH or - pH
Automatic regulation for the pH level in your pool

Starting from : 299 

Compact, regulating dosing pump pH +/- , Set point and pH level display, Easy installation and maintenance, Digital display panel,...

Price : 299 

New model with improved, more reliable motor. Ensures injection of all liquids for pools up to 150m3 Can be programmed by periods of 15 mins...

Price : 299 

Very quiet in operation, Economical, Precise, pH- liquid injection

Price : 333 

Dosing pump to ensure correct liquid injection.

Price : 509 

Pump to automatically regulate the pH level of pool water, Liquid injection of pH- or + correction liquid

Starting from : 517 

PH +/- regulation with backlit LCD, 2 line screen, Display shows working range, and pH level at 1/10th measurement, Calibrated automatic...

Price : 545 

PH dosing pump with suction cane pH + or - liquid injection Digital display Automatic dry run stop

Price : 555 

Pump for automatic pH regulation of pool water Digital display Liquid injection of correction product (pH + or - factory settings)

Starting from : 679 

Injection of pH+ or - correction liquid, Separate control module and dosing pump, For pools up to 500m³, Display of water temperature,...

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