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Automatic water treatment and products

Material and products for your pool water treatment.
Dosing pumps to regulate pH or injected liquid chlorine, automated disinfection systems for salt electrolysis, UV and ozone methods, silver/copper ionisation, diamond electrodes, brominators and chlorinators for slow diffusion... Material to analyse you pool water: pH testers, chlorine, bromine, photometers...

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Testers and analysing units to supervise and measure the levels of pH, redox, chlorine; bromine, salt or alkalinity present in your pool water

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Electrode for earth connection, Ideal for pools using an electrolysis system, Avoids metallic corrosion and deterioration Integrates pH and...

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Discover our range of Brominators and Chlorinators that feed a small quantity of chlorine or bromine to your pool water. Installed downflow from...

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For residential or public pools Wide range of dosing pumps, pH, liquid chlorine injection or active oxygen...

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Salt electrolysis systems for a low salt water content (3-5g/l) producing chlorine Optimal swimming comfort, easy to use

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UV water treatment to destroy viruses, bacterias and algae, Economic, compact and compatible with all types of filtration

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OXYDOZ' pool treatment by enriched active oxygen injection, 100% biodegradable without residue. Compatible with all filtration systems Maximum pool volume 150 m3

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Disinfection using copper and silver electro-ionisation, Flocculant effect, offers high-quality swimming comfort with very clear water, Can be...

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Combines ozone and UV treatment, 100% chlorine free, Environmentally friendly and multi-task, Anti-germ and bacterial and deodorisation

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Your swimming pool water needs to be treated against all kinds of exterior attacks (bathers, insects, bacteria, photosythesis, algae...

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Water treatment with BIOZONE ozonator Active oxygen ozone generator (powerful bactericide, germicide and biocide) Waste-free environment...

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