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Inground or above ground oval pools

Discover our wide range of wooden pools esthetic and practical, offering swimming comfort and perfect integration into your pool environment.
Many shapes, round, oval, hexagonal...
Above or inground...

Starting from : 2490 

Depth ranging from 1,24 to 1,30m, Class IV "Douglas" pine, Slats 45mm or 55mm, Double anti-slip border, Sand filter, Liner 75/100th in blue...

Starting from : 119 

Accessories for the GARDIPOOL range of wooden pools - bubble cover, winter cover, access ladder and steps, technical shelter...

Starting from : 4299 

Octagonal shaped wooden pool, 4m to 6,25m in diameter, height 1m20 to 1m33, Class 4 Autoclave treated pine, Liner 75/100th, wooden coping, sand...

Starting from : 7259 

Wooden, oval-shaped pool, length from 6m20 to 8m10, height from 1m20 to 1m46, Red Pine structure, autoclave class 4 treatment 75/100th liner,...

Starting from : 7319 

Rectangular shaped wooden pool, length 5 to 8m, height 1m33 to 1m46, Autoclave treated Red Pine, class 4, 75/100th liner ème, hardwood pool...

Wooden pools integrate perfectly to landscaped gardens. A large choice of shapes and sizes adapt perfectly to your environment. Our models can be fitted in-ground, semi in-ground or above ground.

Wooden pools
A wooden pool is generally assembled in 2 to 3 days. The kits are designed for self-assembly, without the intervention of a professional. The elements that constitute your wooden pool are factory cut with dovetail assembly. The structure is comùposed of slats, a liner (for sealing), a skimmer and filtration system using sand or a cartridge.

To install your wooden pool, just find the adapted flat area in your garden. Think about sun and wind exposure, avoid placing your pool under a tree and anticipate a security system. This is obliged if your pool is in an in-ground or semi in-ground position.

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