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Price : 49 

To replace broken straps on your solar blanket reel. Adapts to all models

-9 %

Price : 99  109

Pool reel specifically for above ground pools up to 6.3m in width. Straps included.

-8 %

Starting from : 155  169

Reel for pool cover Portable, featuring a brake on reel axis Three available dimensions 10 m x 5.50 m 12 m x 6.40 m 16 m x 8 m

Price : 159 

Solar cover reel, Maximum dimensions 9 m x 4.00 m

Price : 359 

Unroll your barred cover effortlessly, Compatible with both manual and motorised cranks, Stable and robust

Starting from : 399 

Robust and dependable telescopic reel, Stainless steel base plates, Anodised aluminium axis

Starting from : 449 

Reel with brake, telescopic axis 4,20m to 6m depending on model, For bubble covers and other types of summer pool covers Supplied with...

Price : 499 

Roll your barred cover without effort Adapts to most barred covers Compatible with covers 12 x 6m maximum

Price : 525 

Reel with brake, Telescopic axis 6.00 to 7.00 m, Fixation kit for cover supplied

-7 %

Starting from : 649  699

For barred covers with maximum dimensions of 12 x 5,50m, Rolls your barred pool cover without effort, Dependable and economic, Operates with...

Price : 679 

Telescopic reel for bubble cover Anodised aluminium For pools from 5m to 6m

Price : 699 

For pools with maximum dimensions of 10,00 x 5,00 m, Allows you to roll your barred cover without effort in less than 3 minutes, Operates with...

Starting from : 749 

For barred pool covers with maximum dimensions of 5.40 x 12 m Rechargeable batteries 12V (autonomy 7h), User-friendly and fast operation

Price : 787 

Adapts to the great majority of barred pool covers with maximum dimensions of 11x5m, Autonomy: up to 40 openings without recharging

Price : 899 

Motorised crank for barred pool covers, Maximum dimensions of pool 11 X 5 m, Operates with wireless remote, Powerful batteries.

Price : 12716 

Motorised reel for foam or other types of covers Ideal for public or large format pools, Maximum width 12,5 m / Maximum length 25 m

Starting from : 13287 

Motorised double axed reel for public pool covers with dimensions of 3x6 to 15x25m, Ideal for public pools and large format pools

Price : 19990 

Motorised aerial reel, for thermal and foam covers, for pools measuring 12,5 x 25 m maximum, Ideal for public pools, hotels and campsites.

A reel is used to keep your pool cover out of water, avoiding mildew or deterioration.
Telescopic, it adapts to the width of your pool. Easy to handle, light and robust, using tubular construction from PVC or aluminium.
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