Astral MEDITERRANEE sand filter

Astral Mediterrannee sand filter
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Ref. 022686
Fluidra MEDITERRANEE 400 sand filter - 6m3/h - side valve
Side valve, Ø 400 or 500 mm,
Polypropylene tank designed with thermoplastic injection moulding,
Resistant to chemical products,
Purge valve, without sand loss,
For pools up to 54 m³
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Fluidra MEDITERRANEE 400 sand filter - 6m3/h - side valve
Ref. 022686
EUR 139
139 €
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Fluidra MEDITERRANEE 500 sand filter - 9m3/h - side valve
Ref. 021472
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The ASTRAL Méditerranée sand filter has been designed to complete your filtration system. User-friendly, this filter features a 6-way side valve.

Technical features of the Astral Méditerranée sand filter

Resistance and lifespan of the tank

Polypropylene tank made using thermoplastic injection to guarantee an optimal resistance. The upper and lower sections are assembled by electro-welding.
Its unalterable plastic is highly resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents.
The filter base is made from stable and resistant plastic.

6-way side valve

The Astral selection valve is easy to use so you can complete the following filtration options : filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, purge, close and winterize.
With bayonet lock.

Clogging control

A transparent lid at the summit of the tank allows you to easily inspect the filters status.
Manometer for pressure control.


Manual air purge to evacuate air from the filter.
Manual water purge, facilitating the purging process without losing your filter sand.
Astral Mediterranee sand filter

Fluidra multiway side valve - Méditerranée filter

Multiway valve for Astral Mediterranée


6-way valve handle (to select operational mode)
Connection to filtration pump
Connection to pool discharge
Evacuation of waste water
Sight glass

Sight glass
Filter sight glass (5)

6 way side valve

Fluidra 6-way valve - Description


The Fluidra 6-way valve of the Méditerranée filter equally features a winterizing position.

Dimensions of the Astral Méditerranée sand filter

Dimensions of the Astral Méditerranée sand filter

400Ø399 mm696 mm361 mm222 mm
500Ø594 mm789 mm387 mm262 mm

Technical characteristics

Astral MEDITERRANEE sand filterØ400Ø500
Waterflow6 m³m9 m³
Charge of sand (kg)60 (40 kg of sand, 20 kg of gravel)100 (75 kg of sand, 25 kg of gravel)
Weight (kg)78.5

The sand charge is not supplied with the Astral Méditerranée


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