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Hexagonal canopy shade SUNSOL

Hexagonal canopy shade SUNSOL
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Canopy shades are perfect sun protections that create pleasant shade. They also provide great look to any outside space.
Limits effectively sun exposure. Aesthetic and practical. Easy to install. Supporting posts and tension straps system according to models.

Two types of canvas :

Acrylic textile plain colour :
Manufactured from acrylic fabric, Scotchgard treated, Textgard et Cleangard (stain-free, rot proof textile). Approximate weight 300 g/m², acrylic textiles are resistant and long lasting.

Soltis 92 textiles have technical features that provide an exceptional level of thermal protection (available for all kinds of canopy shades) :
Soltis 92 textiles have technical features that provide an exceptional level of thermal protection. PVC covered on both sides for better sun protection.

Very efficient to:
- block the heat
- protect up to 92 % from from UVA and UVB rays
- better air circulation
- easy maintenance.
Air becomes breathable again.

Canopy shade installation :

3 persons are enough to install Sunsol hexa canopy shade.

Fixing and supporting posts
The canopy corners are reinforced to receive the attachment eyelets. The canopy shade is fixed to the ground with a tension rope (acrylic version) or stainless steel strap version (soltis 92).
Other corners are tightened with three cables.
Wooden or aluminium posts.
The system moves easily from one side of the garden to the other.

Canopy shades are descreet, light and very aesthetic installations. They provide a great contemporary look to your outside space.

Textile colour
Ecru colour, consult us for other colours available

Sunsol Ph canvas will stay in place in winds of up to 30 km per hour. We therefore recommend that the canopy is not left in place over the Autumn-Winter period and also removed during summer storms.

Necessary dimensions and surface :

Canopy shade Sunsol

ModelShade surfaceNecessary height
500 cm x 500 cm (diameter a= 5m, b= 8 m)20m23 m
600 cm x 600 cm (diameter a= 6m, b= 9 m)29m23 m

1 - Three posts support the canvas tensioned by the straps.
2 - Three cables attached on the other side of the shade for perfect support.
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