Heat pump BY-PASS kit

By-pass kit
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Ref. 022159
BY-PASS kit diameter 50 mm
By-pass kit enabling you to redirect or by pass your heat pump from your hydraulic circuit. Available in 50 or 63mm diameter.
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BY-PASS kit diameter 50 mm
Ref. 022159
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59 €
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BY-PASS kit diameter 63 mm
Ref. 009606
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A heat pump requires a by-pass to be installed on the hydraulic circuit to function correctly.

The by-pass connection allows you to :

1. Regulate your water flow

A water flow captor indicates the water flow needed for your material to operate correctly. Adjusting the 3-way valve of a BY-PASS, lets you obtain, following the manufacturer's indications, the correct quantity of water present in your hydraulic circuit.

2. Enables you to isolate your material from the hydraulic circuit

The BY-PASS "diverts" your hydraulic circuit from your material. You can also isolate your material from water by closing the inlet and outlet valves. This indicates you can easily carry out maintenance (cleaning your electrolyzer cell, for example), or winterize your material.

Composition of a BY-PASS kit :

1) 3 Ball valves
2) 2 T connections
3) 1 small tub of PVC glue
Schema by pass installation

By pass kit parts

Composition of kit

BY-PASS kit diameterBall valves (to be glued)T connectionsPVC
50 mm321
63 mm321

Larger diameters are also available - consult us for more details.

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