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AstralPool offers you the widest range of liners to ensure a unique look for your pool. You can choose between a plain or patterned liner, or you can combine the two options by incorporating tile-band borders. Manufactured in reinforced PVC-P, this material is the most used for lining pools thanks to enhanced malleability, resistance to tearing, ease of welding, resistance to fading by UV rays and with a wide range of available colours. Astral liners are perfectly adaptable to any pool design or shape, with excellent watertight features.

The liner is manufactured tailor-made for perfectly watertight swimming pool.

• Manufactured out of vinyl polychlorure75/100 thick or 85/100 (optional).
• Smooth and waterproof surface, pleasant to touch, very easy maintenance
• Easy fastening "Hung" system.


Rates/ Forms

Formes :Standard shapesNon-standard shapesFree shapes
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Plain Liner + Tile bandConsult usConsult usConsult us
Printed LinerConsult usConsult usConsult us
Patterned wallsConsult usConsult usConsult us
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Standard shapes:

Non-standard shapes:

Available colours

Plain colour liner 75/100 10 years warranty on welding, 7 standard colours, 7 printed colours with optional tile band.

Tile band

PVC tile bands welded to the liner
Tile bands are optional according to the liner you choose.
Dimensions h=240 mm

Patterned walls

Pattern ready made by the manufacturer

2 printed colours available : Wyndham and Athénas

Caution : We do not recommend to install liner on the stairs.
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