Filtrinov MX25 filtration monobloc

Filtrinov MX25
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Filtration monobloc MX25 Standard evolving
Waterflow 25m³/h, for maximum pool volumes of 110m³,
Easy installation on pool border,
Filtering capacity 25 microns, filtration area 9m²,
Equipped with a white LED lighting feature
  • Single-phase
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Filtration monobloc MX25 Standard evolving
Ref. 013246
EUR 2640
2640 €
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Filtration monobloc MX25 with counter current
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Filtration monobloc MX25 with salt electrolysis
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Filtration monobloc MX25 with counter current and electrolysis
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The Filtrinov MX25 filtration Monobloc replaces underground piping as well as the filter and pump usually stored in the technical house as per classic pool installations.

This concept contains in one monobloc two filtering cartridges with a filtering capacity of 25 microns, one 0,5kw pump, two skimmers and one discharge nozzle as well as a LED lighting feature.

The compact filtration monobloc is fitted on the pool border and is partly immersed in the pool water. An ideal product in the case of pool renovation.

The Filtrinov MX25 is designed for pools with a maximum volume of 110m³, self-priming and easy to install.

With ABS - PMMA beige bodywork the unit merges perfectly into your poolside environment.

MX25 in situation

MMX25 in situation

Technical features

Maximum volume of pool
ABS - PMMA anti-UV thermoformed
Filtration pump
Capacity of filter pump
1,1kW (1,5CV)
Filtering system
2 removable polyester cartridge filters
Filtering area
Filtering capacity
25 microns
Lighting options
White LED feature (Secure, very low current transformer)
Locking system on lid
Anchoring system on unit
Yes (Can be fitted without masonry work)
MX25 inside view

Skim vac
The supplied Skim Vac allows you to connect a manual brush or a hydraulic pool cleaner to your filtering monobloc.

Description of elements Filtrinov MX25 Standard filtration monobloc

A. Soundproof removable lid with locking function.

B. Filter (automatic or manual) and lighting feature control box.

C. Inground sector containing the filter pump and optional equipment.

D. Skim Vac allows the connection of a brush or a pool cleaner.

E. Two removable filter cartridges with collector baskets.

F. Balneotherapy (Air regulator knob).

G. Skimmers, two openings creating suction inlet.

H. Adjustable, high debiting, discharge nozzles.

I. LED lighting feature.
Technical features MX25

Optional equipment

The Filtrinov MX25 standard filtering monobloc is available in an evolving version and can accommodate the following options :

- Counter Currant Swimming, creating a strong current (2 x25m³ equating to 50m³/h) that allows on the spot swimming.

- Colour LED lighting feature (shades of red, green and blue) with remote control carrying to 8 meters, giving the possibility of creating an atmosphere or particular mood to your pool at dusk.
- By-pass allowing a heat pump or any other heat system to be added to your pool.

- Salt electrolysis: using this water treatment system, the maintenance of your pool becomes automatic even when you are absent, creating the correct dose of chlorine so you do not have to add chemical treatment manually.

By means of the simple conception, these options are easily integrated into the unit. You equally have the option of ordering directly MX25 filtration monobloc with counter current and/or salt electrolysis already integrated.

Filtrinov MX25
Filtrinov MX25

Option : Choose the pH regulator

Now it is possible to equip your Filtrinov MX25 filtration monobloc with a pH regulator. This ensures your pH level is perfectly adjusted to your pool and guarantees the efficiency of its maintenance. Using a probe, your pH regulator evaluates the acid and alkaline level of the pool water to optimise the water treatments you add to your pool. A poorly balanced pH can alter the efficiency of maintenance products and have a negative effect on the pool water.
You can equally opt for the Filtrinov MX25 filtration monobloc with a pH regulator and salt electrolysis integrated. Once activated, these two options allow you to easily maintain your pool.
PH regulation and salt electrolysis MX25

Operational schema of combined pH regulator and salt electrolysis :
Operational schema of combined pH regulator and salt electrolysis

Electrical supply
Control box
pH probe
Filter pump
pH dosing pump
pH correction liquid
injection of pH liquid
salt electrolysis cell

You can equally order the MX25 filtration monobloc with counter current and/or salt electrolysis integrated.

Dimensions of Filtrinov MX25 filtration monobloc in mm

Dimensions MX25
Waterlevel (A), Gradient 2% (B), Pool structure (C) pool border level (D

Schema Filtrinov MX25 filtration bloc

1 Filtration pump, 2 Black PVC tube, 3 Filter cartridges, 4 Discharge nozzles
MX 25 non evolving filtration monobloc
Filtrivov MX25 standard non evolving filtration monobloc
MX25 evolving filtration monobloc
Filtrivov MX25 standard evolving filtration monobloc

Packaging and transport of the monobloc

Packaging MX25
The Filtrinov MX25 filtration monobloc is delivered in a wooden case, 2 persons can reception the delivery.

All deliveries must be checked in the presence of the transporter.


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