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Exterior sauna HARVIA Keitele SO 4000

Exterior sauna HARVIA Keitele SO 4000
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3 to 4 persons are necessary to receive the sauna.

Key functions

Sauna Outdoor Keitele SO 4000

Outdoor saunas HARVIA are made of great quality spruce or pine.

Sauna Harvia is equipped according to your needs either with woodburning stoves or electric equipment.
Beam thickness 135mm x 45 mm
Your relaxing sessions in sauna Harvia will offer you a great time of pure pleasure.

Heating (according to model)

Stove Senator + Control unit C105

Power : 9kW
Power supply : 400V
Maximum size of the sauna : 8-14m³
Number of fuses : 3 (fuses 16A)
Volcanic stones included

Harvia 20 PRO + with steel chimney

The new Harvia 20 Pro gives a good hot bath in small and medium-sized saunas. The cast-iron glass door and the sturdy fire space cover with a maximum thickness of 10 mm ensure durability. This model also features adjustable legs to facilitate installation and, for example, help in adjusting the height of the smoke outlet. The stove can be equipped with a side or pipe mounted water heater.
Diameter of the smoke outlet 115 mm. Dimensions : 43 x 51 x 76cmH
Weight: 100 kg + 40 Kg volcanic stones

The Harvia steel chimney is an easy to install stylish chimney solution. Mainly designed for woodburning stoves, smaller fireplace models and iron stoves, the steel chimney can withstand large temperature changes. Its timeless, rounded design combined to its steel surface makes it a pleasure to look at. Since the outer casing and inner tube are made out of stainless steel, the product is durable and maintains its appearance.

Included accessories

(1) thermometer
(2) bucket
(3) ladle
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