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Aqualux heat pumps
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AQUALUX heat pump 4.5 Kw single-phase
Titanium exchanger, compatible with salt water treatment,
Operational from 5°C,
Digitally controlled,
ABS or steel bodywork, depending on model
Automatic defrost function
  • Single-phase
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AQUALUX heat pump 4.5 Kw single-phase
Ref. 016395
EUR 799
799 €
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AQUALUX heat pump 6 Kw single-phase
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AQUALUX heat pump 7.5 Kw single phase
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AQUALUX heat pump 9 Kw single-phase
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AQUALUX heat pump 11 Kw single-phase
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AQUALUX heat pump 13 Kw single-phase
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pack of 4 anti-vibration support legs
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aqualux BY-PASS kit
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AQUALUX heat pumps in detail

The AQUALUX heat pumps allow you to lengthen your swimming season, economically. Maintaining your pool water at the desired temperature. Easy to use, throughout the season. Simply program the temperature you require, the rest is entirely automatic.

Using a flow switch, the heat pump starts and stops at the same time as the filtration system.

Each heat pump is supplied pre-cabled to ensure easy installation by connection to the filtration circuit.

Compact and quiet, the AQUALUX heat pumps merge easily into your poolside environment.

The AQUALUX heat pumps are designed to heat pools up to 45m3*.

The featured titanium exchanger ensures compatibility with all water treatments, including salt electrolysis.

Featuring soundproofed, robust ABS bodywork, mounted on metallic, anti-corrosive framework.

Evaporators cooling fins have a "Blue Fin" treatment, providing better resistance to corrosion.

In reply to environmental constraints, the cooling gas R410 is used.

Each AQUALUX heat pump has an easy to use digital control panel displaying water temperature, messages and alerts.
Aqualux heat pumps

AQUALUX heat pumps are equipped with an electronic 4-way valve that limits frost formation on the units interior to guarantee an optimal performance and range of use.

Technical details

Detailed view Aqualux

Digital control panel (1).

Water inlet and outlet (2) are situated on the back wall of the heat pump (on the side wall of the 3,6kW model).

The evaporator's cooling fins feature a (3) "Blue Fin" treatment providing better protection against corossion.

Digital display

Digital control panel Aqualux
1. Display Temperature/time
2. Selection setting mode Temperature/time
3. Programmed start
4. On / off
5. Time mode
6. Programmed stop

Technical Features

Model3,6kW single-phase4,5kW single-phase6kW single-phase7,5kW single-phase
Recomended waterflow (m³/h)2,52-32,5-3,53-4
Nominal strength (kW)0,660,790,921,06
Electrical supply*220-240V/1Ph 50Hz220-240V/1Ph 50Hz220-240V/1Ph 50Hz220-240V/1Ph 50Hz
Amperage (A)33,54,25
Magnetic contact flowmeterYesYesYesYes
Cooling gas recharge R410a600g650g650g900g
Noise level dB(A) at 10m3032,532,533,1
Hydraulic connection (mm)50505050
Water inlet and outletsidebackbackback

*Anticipate the installation of a D curve circuit breaker.

Weight and dimensions

Model3,6kW single-phase4,5kW single-phase6kW single-phase7,5kW single-phase
Dimensions of heat pump (mm)650 x 270 x 470800 x 340 x 558800 x 340 x 558800 x 340 x 558
Dimensions of packaging (mm)1040 x 355 x 700880 x 355 x 600880 x 355 x 600880 x 355 x 600
Net weight of product (kg)31384042
Packed weight (kg)38454749

Aqualux heat pump in situation

Heat pump performances

Model3,6kW single-phase4,5kW single-phase6kW single-phase7,5kW single-phase
Maximum volume of pool m³**15253545
Operating range water (°C)from +5° to +35°from +5° to +35°from +5° to +35°from +5° to +35°
Operating range air (°C)from 0° to +43°from 0° to +43°from 0° to +43°from 0° to +43°
Heating capacity in kW (air 26°/water 26°)3,64,567,5
C.O.P (air 26°/water 26°)5,25,75,96,7
Heating capacity in kW (air 15°/water 26°)2,7344,8
C.O.P (air 15°/water 26°)4,144,34,52

**solar cover used when pool is not being used, use from mid March till mid November, water temperature 26°C, minimal filtration 12h/day, 24h/24 to reach inital temperature, based on a pool situated in southern France, with an altitude of 20m (non-exhaustive criteria).

Installation concept

Installation of an AQUALUX heat pump

1. AQUALUX heat pump
2. Pool pump
3. Pool filter
4. Suction
5. Discharge nozzles
6. Condensation evacuation
7. Entry hot air
8. Exit cold air
9. Electrical supply

Optional accessories


- support legs : You can equip your heat pump with anti-vibration support legs that will absorb vibrations produced during operation.
Anti vibration support legs
- By-pass kit Ø32/38mm.

For further information, contact us.

+ information

Heating your pool allows you to lengthen your swimming season without being subject to variable weather conditions.

A heat pump warms your pool water in an economical and ecological way by converting the calories contained in ambient air to heat. To capture this energy, the heat pump consumes a feeble energy input to run the motor and compressor. In exchange of a modest expense, you benefit from a constant water temperature during the swimming season.

Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P)
The COP or Coefficient of Performance represents the energetic performance of the heat pump when in "heat" mode. The COP reflects the relationship between the energy output (restituted energy for heating) and the energy input (energy used to run the heat pump, therefore, billed by provider).

Example : A heat pump that has a COP of 4.5 consumes 1kW of electricity to restitute 4,5kW of heat. This unit produces 4.5 times more energy than it consumes. The higher the COP, the more performant the machine is and your electricity bill diminishes in comparison to a traditional pool heating method.


Poolex U connect
U connect

The U-Connect connection kit allows you to link a heat pump to your pool without plumbing labor or tools. This quick intervention does not require a supplementary electrical supply and avoids the need for a bypass. Just connect the two supplied cables to your Aqualux heat pump and link them to the U-Connect portable control box. Self-priming, the U-Connect system remains independent from your filtration system, giving you warm water, faster without losing heat through piping as is often the case in a classic configuration.


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