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FIBALON® replaces the sand or cartridge of your pool filter

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FIBALON 350 g filtering medium
FIBALON® replaces sand, filter cartridge, diatomaceous earth filter recharge... One 350g bag of FIBALON® replaces 25kg of sand !
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FIBALON 350 g filtering medium
Ref. 020107
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59 €
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Fibalon recharge for 400 diameter sand filter
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Fibalon recharge for 500 diametre sand filter
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Fibalon recharge for 600 diameter sand filter
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FIBALON® in detail

Fibalon ball
German engineering brings us FIBALON® - Innovating filtering medium designed for spa and pool water.
FIBALON® replaces the original filtering substance of sand, cartridge and other filter types.
FIBALON® requires no specific installation: simple, practical and efficient!

The fiber of the FIBALON® polymer is treated, to its center, with phosphate glass silver, a powerful biocide that reacts against the colonisation and proliferation of microorganisms.
This procedure has been used for many years in the medical field to react against bacterial spread.

Its structure constitutes a small volume and is light in weight.
Easily transported and installed, FIBALON® facilitates maintenance operation such as replacing the recharge and cleaning : 350 grammes of FIBALON® is the equivalent to 25 kilos of sand !

The fiber of the FIBALON® is a new patented technology that is characterised by a cylindrical shape.
The filtration balls have a slightly higher central density than their surrounding matter.
This procedure coupled with DYFIX® fixating technology allows:
- a maximisation of the filtering mediums surface.
- Fine particle filtration (10µm)
- Captures 98,5% of particles
Fibalon new technology

Many advantages

- No friction loss
Because of its particular shape and composition, there is no friction loss with Fibalon. Sand presents a risk of clogging, FIBALON® remains unchanged throughout its utilisation.

-Light in weight
Composed from polyester fibers, FIBALON® is very light in weight. Environ 75 kg of sand is needed to recharge a medium filter. This quantity can be replaced by 3 bags of FIBALON® weighing just a little over 1kg...

- Water and electricity economies
FIBALON® can give you up to 40 % of energy economy.

- Reduction of backwash frequency
The back-wash of a sand filter is a process that must be frequently effectuated. This procedure has a high energy and water consumption. The use of FIBALON® reduces the frequency of backwash maintenance.
- Better filtration without impeding water flow
Using sand as a filtration medium creates significant pressure in the filter circuit (around 200mBar). FIBALON®, guarantees only a slight rise in pressure : around 20 mbar (measure taken pre-filter and post-filter).

FIBALON® reduces wear and tear on annexe parts (Less wear and tear = fewer repairs)

- Selectivity
Its fibrous composition offers filtration capacity of around 10 microns. By comparison, sand does not filter below 20 microns.

- Lifespan
FIBALON® enjoys a long lifespan of at least 3-4 years. Coupled with a DYFIX® absorbing system, its form and composition allow the product to conserve its properties and efficiency. The filtration balls are not compressed by water pressure.
Light and compact, FIBALON® can be easily manipulated.

- Resistant to frost
FIBALON® is not harmed by frost, resists heat (up to 95°C) and climatic changes.

- Energetically economic
The ratio between energy used when filtering with FIBALON® and the energetic consumption of the filter is very performant, in the order of 95%.

- Particle capture
Laboratory tests show FIBALON® captures up to 98,5% of particles present in your filter.

- Clogging
FIBALON® is made from polyester fibres that resist to an aquatic environment. The ball filter shape remains unaltered and does not clog.

- Need of flocculant
The high selectivity rate of FIBALON® captures even fine particles (up to 10 microns) avoiding flocculant use.

- Chemicaly resistant
The composition of FIBALON® (100% polyester) ensures high resistance to chemical products .
Easy to maintain
Easy to recharge

The FIBALON® is compatible with all "Top" filters. If you use a "Side" filter, you need to fit a "diffuser cage" at the top of the filter diffuser. The "cage" avoids the filter diffuser blocking with FIBALON® when using the backwash cycle.
FIBALON® diffusion cage

Offers quality and security

FIBALON® is a safe material for pool users. The fibres used in the composition of FIBALON® meet ÖkoTex-Standard® 100, controlling system of raw textile products. The polyester used in FiBALON® contains antimony in the heart of its fibers, but not on surface fibres. During effectuated tests in an acidic solution resulted in 1 kg of fibres contained 1.4 mg of antimony. this level is well below the norm which indicates a maximum of 5g.
The polyester used is from recycled bottles, a high-quality raw material combined with other superior quality secondary materials.

How do I replace the sand from my filter?

1 - Unplug the filter from the power supply

2 - Open the filter following its manufacturer's instructions

3 - Remove the original filtering medium from the filter

4 - Fill the filter with FIBALON® without compressing the balls

5 - Close the filter following its manufacturer's instructions

6 - Plug in the pump
Installation is finished
Installation FIBALON®

FIBALON® in situ
FIBALON® replaces your original filtering medium. Original equipment remains unchanged : pre-filters, valves...

Easy to use, FIBALON® is fast to put into place, replacing the existing filtering medium efficiently and easily.

For sand filters, just fill with FIBALON® to the same level as the sand would be : 350 grammes of FIBALON® is equivalent to 25kg of sand.

The fine particles of sand left after installing FIBALON® (that filters up to 10 microns) do not require a full clean. FIBALON® will capture this residue.
(however, for optimal use clean all washers and O-rings from eventual remaining residue)

Comparision : sand filter and FIBALON®

What quantity of FIBALON® do I need to replace sand from my filter ?

Diameter of sand filterSandFIBALON®
410mm45kg0.7kg or 2 bags
500mm100kg1,4kg or 4 bags
600mm150kg2,1kg or 6 bags
750mm300kg4,2kg or 12 bags
900mm550kg7,7kg or 22 bags

FIBALON® adapts to all types of filters

The fiber of the polymer in a cylindrical shape create a homogenous layer that adapts to all tank types. These balls, greater in density than water, do not float, are not subject to water pressure and keep their original shape.

Compare FIBALON® with other filtering mediums



Glass marbles




Friction lossModerateModerateModerateModerateLOW
Waste eliminationConstraintConstraintModerateConstraintEASY
Anti-algaeNot efficientEfficientNot efficientNot efficientVERY EFFICIENT
Filtering capacity40µm40µm25µm25µm10µm
Lifespan3 - 5 years3-4 years3 months1 year3-4 YEARS
Resistant to frostYesYesYesNoYES
Energetically efficient60%50%35%40%95%
Particle capture capacity54%85%90%95%98,5%
Manual backwashYesYesImpossibleImpossibleYES
Agglutinating factorYesNoYesNoNO
Need of flocculantYesYesYesNoNO
Chemical resistanceHighHighModerateModerateHIGH


100% Polyester
Sky blue
30 kg/m3

Warning concerning automatic backwash
Because of the low pressure in tank when using FIBALON®, an automatic backwash valve is unadapted. It is preferable to use a manual backwash cycle.

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