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The composition of a pool kit

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Galvanised steel panels, easy to install, made to last, conception can be personalised, the solution for a real inground pool

Installation guide for pool kit
The composition of a pool kit
Tracing and excavation of your pool
Fitting the panels of your pool kit
Applying concrete and bottom screed
Installation of plumbing and technical shelter
Installation and fitting of sealed liner and filling your pool

1. Galvanised steel panel pool kit
These panels constitute the structure of the pool using diverse combinations. The reservation for the skimmers, lighting projectors and discharge nozzles are, in general, pre-cut by the manufacturer.

2. A-frames or supporting legs
These supports maintain the panels in a vertical position and ensure rigidity.

3. Installation material
Nuts and bolts for the support panels.
Steel rods or twisted irons that maintain the panels till the concrete has hardened.

4. Water circulation unit
Skimmer (suction), sealed parts, main drain and discharge nozzles to ensure the water circulation system.

5. Lighting
The pool floor projectors and surround lighting features are, in general, installed during the pool construction process.
Full pool kit

Tracing the pool parameter and excavation : You need :
Decametre, cord, small nails, wooden stakes 2 x 5 cm, tracing spray, spirit or laser level, bombes de traçage, a 1,20 m level, spades, shovels, pick-axes, tape measures, steel stakes (25cm), plumb line.

Assembly of steel panels :
* 14° spanner for nuts and bolts
* Clamps to maintain panels together during assembly
* A doweling rod to line up nut holes
* A small tap hammer to insert metal piles
* A flexible decametre and a 5 m meter
* A 1,20 m level to line up vertical panels
* A builders level used to level the panels
* Shims and spacers to adjust and maintain the level of the panels
* A pry-bar to lift the panels
* Plumb line
* Drill and bits for the installation of stairs

concrete and plastering :
* Wheelbarrow
* Shovels and rakes
* Trowels and hand smoother
* Leveling trowel and wooden float or screed rake for finishing touches in the terrace area
* Clamps and builders boards
* Edge irons, broom

For the liner :
* electric screwdriver with variable speed, strong suction, industrial hoover
* Barricade tape and strong duct tape
* Wrench socket 14, star-head screwdriver and razor blade
* Extension Cords / Power Strips
* A power or manual miter saw
* A hacksaw

Next step : Tracing and excavation of your pool
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