Magic MTi sand filter

Magic MTi sand filter
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Ref. 006935
Magic P-FI 500, sand filter, water flow 11m3/h, without filtering medium
For in-ground and above ground pools up to 45m³,
Supplied with 6-way valve,
Filtering capacity 20 microns
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Magic P-FI 400, sand filter, water flow 6m3/h, without filtering medium
Ref. 007141
EUR 239
239 €
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Magic p-FI 400EH, sand filter, water flow 6m3/h, without filtering medium
Ref. 007142
EUR 249
249 €
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Magic P-FI 500, sand filter, water flow 11m3/h, without filtering medium
Ref. 006935
EUR 279
279 €
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This filter can be disassembled. The installation of the filter recharge (Granulometry : 0,6/1,25mm) is, therefore, facilitated. Equipped with a «filter bottom», offering a quality of filtration comparable to public pool filters, replying to the criteria of German DIN norms.
Filtering floor Magic MTi

Magic MTI sand filter
Turbidity assessment

At all inlet and outlets the connection to the main drain is transparent and so, allows a visual assessment of the water's turbidity level when back-wash is used.
6-way valve

The 6-way valve is integrated into the upper part of the filter. This avoids any risk of leakage and saves precious time when installing.

Composition of filter

The MTi filter is made from specifically treated anti-UV ABS.

Conception of filter

The MTi is made from injected thermoplastic (anti-UV ABS) on automated presses ranging from 750 and 1500 T.


The universal base has two functions :
- Base for the filter
- In the case of the use of a filtration group, a base for the pool pump which can be clipped into the filter base using specific inserts.
Magic MTI base

Cross section Magic MTi

You have a choice of the following connections for the MTi filter :

- Fluted edged conical inlets/outlets, 38/32mm in diameter with a Serflex tightening collar, compatible with the majority of above-ground pool plumbing systems.
- Fluted edged conical inlets/outlets 38mm in diameter with a Serflex tightening collar.
- Stuck inlets/outlets with a 50mm diameter collar.

Scattered view
Lid sealing ring
Filter bottom
Sealing ring
Lower purge valve

Advantages of filter

- Easy installation
- 6-way valve directly integrated into the filter lid
- Filter bottom
- Compact and adaptable to most technical shelters
- Compatible with most filtration pumps
- Turbidity assessment using transparent main drain connection


Magic MTi 400
Magic MTI 400

Water flow : 6m³/h
Weight : 20kg of sand
Magic MTi 400-EH
Magic MTI 400 EH

Water flow : 6m³/h
Weight : 25kg of sand
Magic MTi 500
Magic MTI 500

Water flow: 11m³/h
Weight: 50kg of sand

Installation schema

Installation Cantabric

Overview Magic MTi


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