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Hayward Side sand filter with 6-way valve

Hayward Side sand filter with 6-way valve
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Ref. P08271
Hayward Side S166S sand filter, 6 m³/h
High-density, blown polyethylene with automatic purge,
Maximum working pressure 3,5 bars,
Supplied with 6-way valve.
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Hayward Side S166S sand filter, 6 m³/h
Ref. P08271
EUR 319
319 €
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Hayward Side S210S sand filter, 10 m³/h
Ref. 007724
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Hayward Side S0244S sand filter, 14 m³/h
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The operational method of the Hayward side sand filters is simple and efficient. The pool water is sent by propulsion into a pressurised tank filled with sand. The sand retains the larger and smaller particles, sometimes so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. As time goes by, dirt accumulates in the interspaces between the grains of sand, adding to the pressure of the tank, and making the passage of water more difficult. That's when a back-wash of your filter needs to be effectuated. The water flow is simply inversed, ejecting the impurities.

The properties of the Hayward side sand filter

- High-density, blown, polyethylene filter with automatic purge

- Maximum working pressure : 3,5 bars

- Variflo TM 6-way valve

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S 0246S600580520895910
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Dimensions Hayward Side

Emptying stopper
Purge cap
Circulation indicator
Integrated circulation indicator
Manual purge
Manual purge

Description of the filter

1. Manual purge stopper to evacuate easily
trapped air in the system.
2. Top dome secured using a tightening collar
offering easy access for the inspection of the filter.
3. Integrated high diffuser guarantees an even distribution
of water on the bed of sand in the filter. Internal tubing is
specifically dimensioned to reduce friction loss
4. Automatic purge to evacuate air trapped in the system
during filter operation.
5. Anti-corrosive tank made from blown, high-density, polyethylene,
dyed in the mass and resistant to weather conditions with minimal
6. High-quality water collector with self-cleaning, 360° perforated
sieves to create a balanced flow and back-wash.
7. Integrated purge button to easily empty water from the filter without
loosing the sand recharge.
8. Anti-corrosive base featuring a design that provides perfect stability.
9. Vari-Flo Hayward, 6-way valve with selecting handle to easily choose
one of the 6 positions. The circulation indicator allows supervision of the
back-wash cycle.
Description Hayward side


5 years on tank and valve (excepting o-rings on valve and filter)
2 years on accessories

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