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Aquabot Viva electric pool cleaner

pool cleaner Aquabot VIVA
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Aquabot Viva electric swimming pool cleaner
EUR 1299.00
Discover the Aquabot VIVA pool cleaner with remote control,
for pools with a maximum dimension of 14x6m,
Cleans the pool bottom surface, walls and waterline,
Quick cycle Aqua Smart 1h30,
PVA high-density brushes,
and transportation trolley
In stock
The Aquabot Viva works on a power voltage of 24V continual current. An economic and dependable pool cleaner. It's 2 high-speed rotation motors associate efficiency and dependability.

Featuring an anti-blocking system, the cleaner automatically changes direction avoiding overheating and premature wear and tear. The Aquabot Viva does not require a specific installation, just place the unit in the pool water. Its maintenance is minimal. After finishing its cycle, it stops automatically.

Designed to brush and suck debris and dirt lying at the bottom surface, walls and waterline of a pool with maximum dimensions of 14 x 6m. Using the system Aqua Smart, you can clean your pool in 1h30.
High-density PVA brushes combine long lifespan with adhesion.

The Aquabot Viva is equipped with a standard automatic cleaning program and remote control to choose settings when in manual mode.

In addition to the automatic cleaning system, the Aquabot Viva can be managed by remote control in the areas that require a quick clean. The remote control has 4 buttons indicating direction: right, left, forward/backwards, and the 4th that changes the cleaning program.

The pool cleaner Viva has two options for its automatic program: Standard program : cleaning only the bottom surface of the pool in 1h30 and Long duration program : cleaning automatically the bottom surface, walls and water line of the pool in 3hrs.

The transportation trolley allows easy transport and storage of the Aquabot VIVA.

Aquabot VIVA in operation
Aquabot VIVA on trolly

Aqua Smart system

The Aquabot Viva uses the Aqua Smart system, cleaning the pool in only 1h30.

Most traditional pool cleaners need a time span of 3 to 6 hours to clean the totality of a pool.

The Aqua Smart is an intelligent device integrated to the microprocessor of the cleaner, covering the totality of the pools surface systematically, minimising time loss.

This technology offers several advantages:

- A fast clean
- Economising energy
- Less wear and tear on parts, prolonging their lifespan

Pool cleaner with protection system

Switching on your pool cleaner out of water will put security mode into action, including the pump and low current transformer... If you switch on the low current transformer without the pool cleaner, the security mode will activate after 10 to 15 seconds.

For pools featuring an immersed border (or a Californian border), the pool cleaner inverses its movement as soon as it emerges when reaching the waters edge. In the case that the unit does not return into the water, it automatically goes to security mode, (including its low current transformer).

If the cleaner meets an obstacle in its path (ladder, lamp, discharge nozzle, pool cover or any other horizontal or vertical object) the cleaner is programmed to move around the obstacle in question and continue its cycle.

If an obstacle becomes stuck between the body of the unit and it's brush (towel, cable...), the unit will try to distance the object in question to continue its cycle. If this fails, the pool cleaner (including its low current transformer) will adopt security mode automatically.

If the pool cleaner turns over and cannot continue its movements, the pump will operate for 5 seconds. The drive system will forward/reverse and then go to security mode.

Intelligent pool type detection system

The Aquabot VIVA uses a microprocessor programmed with an algorithm studied to protect and optimise its use. From the moment it is switched on, the cleaner will detect the surfaces and waterline, defining the profile of the pool it will clean. The intelligent algorithm will optimise the cleaners movements and trajectory throughout its cycle.

The unit will determine the type of finish in the pool (liner, ceramic, concrete) adapting the working rhythm of the pump, preserving its lifespan. If the unit comes across a difficult spot (grease, smooth patch on liner...) during its cycle, it will accelerate and move along quickly through the difficult zone.

The unit gauges automatically its duration of cycle and time spent on waterline in comparison to the walls and bottom surface, optimising time spent. The algorithm corrects and balances the rotations of the cleaner clockwise and anti-clockwise, avoiding a tangled cable.

Large view Aquabot VIVA

The Aquabot Viva comes complete with transportation trolley, low current transformer, remote control and 2 filtration bags.

Technical features

Power supply
230V /50 Hz
Low current power supply
Suitable pool shapes
Rectangular, round, oval or specific shape
Compatible pool finish
Liner, PVC, ceramic, fiberglass, painted concrete
Maximum dimensions of pool
14 x 6m
Bottom surface, walls and waterline
Cleaning brushes
2 PVA brushes
Suction power
Filtration capacity
2 microns
Number of cleaning cycles
Duration of cleaning cycles
1h30 / 3h
Cleaning system
Aqua Smart
Clogging indicator
Propulsion motor
Suction motor
Length of cable
Out of water detector
Obstacle detector
Transportation trolley
Yes (Caddy)
Additional equipment
1 filter bag
Dimensions and net weight of cleaner
L37 x w43 x H27cm/ 23Kg (with caddy)

Pools with outboard filtration blocks

Check the depth measurement between the pools bottom surface and the deepest immersed part of your filtration block is ample to allow the easy passage of the pool cleaner in operation.

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