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ECA ROUSSILLON immersed shutter with waterline motor

ECA Roussillon immersed pool shutter with waterline motor
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11080 €
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11080 € Including VAT
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ECA ROUSSILLON immersed shutter with waterline motor
EUR 11080.00
Waterline motor with limit management,
For pool with maximum dimensions of 6 x 12m + stairs
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
In stock
The Roussillon immersed shutter with waterline motor has been specifically designed for existing pools or pools under construction with a maximum width of 6m.
The motor of the axis is situated above the waterline, under slatted flooring.]

Dimensions of pool in meters
Waterline motor
8m x 4m
10m x 5 m
On option : ROMAN stair cut, squared finish diameter <= 3 m
+ 330

*Prices including VAT for a standard pool configuration. Supplied elements : mechanics, slats, Handroanthus slatted flooring, separation panel, panel support, security flanges for pool wall.
Other combinations are possible, please contact us for your personalised quote, corresponding to your exact configuration.

The price of the shutter includes:
- 1 ROUSSILLON immersed axis
- 1 opaque slatted shutter cover
- 1 security system (ABS flanges to anchor to pool wall and straps)
- 1 white supporting beam with white anchoring supports
- 1 white lacquered aluminium slatted flooring section 700mm
- 1 white separation panel 900mm (for a duct up to 1.17m in depth)
- White separation panel supports to anchor to the provided anchoring points on beam,
- Packaging.

The price does not include a stair cut which is available on option or the transport (consult us).

Motor flanges for ECA Roussillon waterline

Immersed shutter with waterline motor

Maximum 6x12m + stairs
Limit management
Maintenance is faster, easier and simplified, access to regulate limit management is also eased.
Installation is facilitated for existing pools or pools under construction.

The motor of the immersed automatic shutter is positioned in the duct containing the axis but is not in contact with the pool water.
Access to the motor is, therefore, simplified.
The immersed zone that contains the axis of the shutter can be isolated by a separation panel built during the pools construction or after, using a PVC separation panel.

Wide view ECA Roussillon waterline
ROUSSILLON immersed shutter with slatted flooring

Mechanical kit of ROUSSILLON immersed shutter with waterline motor

Detail Roussillon waterline
- 1 motor featuring limit management
- 1 flange support kit (removable) to be anchored to the pool edge
- 1 rolling axis for slatted shutter cover
- 1 key command (3 positions to be held in place) situated at a distance (with view on the pool) conform to norm NFP 90-308
- 1 electrical distribution box.

Roussillon Waterline motor

Installation of flanges on the motor and bearing side

Flanges motor and bearing side

Diameter of shutter on axis

Diameter of shutter on axis

Beam and support boxes

The shutter is delivered with a lacquered aluminium supporting beam. Two sections are available : L100 x H70mm (1) or L100 x H100mm (2).

The supporting beam is available in white, sand and grey.

There are two supplied supporting boxes with a range of 4 different types of boxes adapted to your specific pool configuration :

- Boxes for horizontal profile installation on a liner pool finish (in the case of construction)
- Boxes for vertical profile installation on a liner pool finish (in the case of renovation)
- Adjustable boxes with their support
- Boxes to be fixed to the pool wall
Shutter beams Roussillon
Beam sections 100x0.70mm
Beam sections 100x110mm

Separation panel

Schema separation wall Roussillon
3 standard sizes :
- Standard Panel 900mm
- Panel 1200mm (on option)
- Panel 1500mm (on option)

3 couleurs :
- White
- Sand (on option)
- Grey (on option)

The separation panel is made from PVC boards 250mm in height and 24mm in width. The PVC boards are reinforced with a stainless steel bar.

The separation panel is maintained in place by means of supports which are to be anchored to the pool wall or under the supporting beam fixation boxes.

Easy installation of separation panel

Supports to anchor the separation panel

2 types of support :
- Support to be fixed to the pool wall (1)
- Support to be fixed the beam anchor box (2)

3 available colours :
- White
- Sand (on option)
- Grey (on option)

Supports for separation panel
Support for separation panel
Pool wall supports
Support for separation panel to be fixed to pool wall
Support panel beam
Support for separation to be fixed under the beam

Slatted flooring

The slatted flooring protects the mechanics of the shutter and offers improved esthetic.

3 available finitions :
- Upper and lower side aluminium (1) White, Sand or Grey, 23mm in depth
- Composite wood (2) wooden or grey finish, 23mm in depth (on option)
- Handroanthus hardwood (3) 23mm in depth (on option)

2 standard widths :
- 700mm x 1000mm
- 950mm x 1000mm

It is equally possible to provide made to measure slatted flooring for the aluminium and Handroanthus finishes.

For pools with a PVC separation panel, the slatted flooring installed will be 700mm. For pools with a "built" separation panel, 950mm sections will be used.

The slatted flooring is placed on a section of the supporting beam and on the pool edge if the pool border is positioned at least 50mm behind the edge of the pool, or on a bracket anchored to the pool wall.
Aluminium slatted flooring measures 125 mm in width. We remind you that it is not possible to cut slats to reduce their length (in this case, anticipate a trim of the pool border).
Shutter finish Roussillon

Details of shutter slats

The slats of the ECA Roussillon immersed shutter with motor contained in dry duct conforms to the norm NF P90-308

Each slat contains 3 compartments. Each contains air. The air ensures buoyancy and limits heat loss.

The slats are closed on either side with welded caps to ensure a watertight and buoyant compartment.

20mm fins ensure the slat finish. These fins can be replaced with fins varying in size.

PVC with anti-UV and anti-staining treatment
Slat width
71 mm
Depth of slats
17 mm
Composition of slats
Stabilised with Calcium / zinc, anti-stain treatment
White, Sand, Blue or Grey
Stair option
Consult us
Available colours

Fin detail NEO
Fin finish
Cut finish NEO
Shaped finish
Guiding wheel shutter
Guiding wheels

Assembling your shutter

- Your shutter is assembled by clipping the slats together.

To clip one slat to the other, begin by engaging the male fixture on the left-hand slat into the female fixture on the right-hand slat (fig.1 et fig.2).

Repeat an oscillating movement till the slats click together (fig.3).
Clip system NEO

Stair cuts

When the shutter is positioned on the width of the pool it can be adapted to different pool stair shapes : rectangular (1), trapeze (2), roman (3), semi-circular (4) or free-form (5) (following consultation with us).

Various stair cut possibilities

Two finishes are possible for your stair cut : A straight cut (a) a shaped cut (b).

The straight cut is the most simple. The "shaped" cut is perfectly formed to the shape of your pool. This solution proves to be the most esthetically pleasing.

Stair cuts are on option : consult us for your specific quote

Security system

Your ECA ROUSSILLON immersed shutter with motor contained in dry duct is supplied with an anti-lifting device. This is essential if your shutter is to conform to the norm NF 90-308.

You have the choice of three systems:

Loop and strap system

Installation - One of 2 fixation systems can be chosen :
- On the pool wall (included in the price of the shutter)
- On pool surround (on option) with 2 possible heights : 2 supplied connecting rods (1 long, 1 short) to choose from depending on the waterline height
- Supplied hardware
Use: Easy, material strap with clip buckle
Colour of strap : White

Loop and strap system

Loop and strap system, fixing point on pool wall or pool surround, two possible heights

ABS fixation system with material strap (on option)

Installation : Pool wall or pool surround, hardware supplied
Use: Easy, material strap with clip buckle
Colour of strap : White

ABS system
ABS system
ABS on surround

316L stainless steel and ABS strap system (On option)

Ultra resistant, esthetic and discreet fixation system

Easy installation, two choices of fixation :
- Fixing point on pool wall
- Fixation on pool surround with 2 possible heights : two connecting rods are supplied (1 long, 1 short).
- Hardware supplied

Use :
To attach a strap : Uncover the shield on the wall plate and insert the locking system.
To free a strap: Pivot and free the locking system, replace the shield on the wall plate.

Stainless steel system

Available colours stainless steel system
ABS straps can match the slats of your shutter in colour. You have the choice of white, sand, grey or blue
Secure opening
Secure opening

Warning : Fixation system is incompatible with salt treatment

How many security straps do I need on my immersed shutter?

Maximum inner length of pool length
Stair side
Width less or equal to 3 m
From 3 to 5 m
From 5 to 7 m
Less than 7 m

Packing and transport

Packing and transport
At least two persons and adapted equipment are needed to unload and manipulate the delivery.

All delivered merchandise should be checked with the driver.


4 years on motor + box (non inclusive of labour)
3 years on slat buoyancy and sealing

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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