SeaMAID lighting projectors

SeaMAID proposes a wide range of garden and pool lighting :
LED bulbs, lighting projectors, stainless steel spots...

The SeaMAID line benefits from rigorous quality control testing.
Each Seamaid product carries a standard guarantee during 24 months.

Each lamp has been designed to diffuse light in a homogeneous manner, promoting visual comfort. The plastic parts are soldered using ultrasound, guaranteeing a perfectly waterproof unit.

Seamaid LED technology guarantees a better lifespan with a lower consumption and a lower heating effect than an incandescent light bulb .

To develop their quality technology further, Seamaid has designed a radio-controlled model allowing you to adapt different projectors from a distance, depending on the desired atmosphere.


The diverse SeaMAID lighting projectors :

Starting from : 69 

LED mini pool projector, Screw-on to 1’ 1/2 discharge nozzle or brush adaptor, Powerful 400lm max beam, Low electricity consumption,,...

Starting from : 89 

LED pool bulb, Easy installation in standard PAR56 alcoves , Powerful beam of 1450lm maximum, Low electricity consumption, White light

Starting from : 99 

Gives you command over your SeaMAID lighting projectors and bulbs by radio control, 2 versions : 1 channel to control up to 6 bulbs, 4 channels...

Price : 119 

For above ground pools with rigid pool walls, Connection to discharge nozzle, 18 LED Samsung white lights, Easy to install

Starting from : 129 

Esthetic and robust, Low energy consumption, Long life LED bulb, Easy to install

Starting from : 129 

Submersible stainless steel LED lighting projector for garden, Powerful luminous flux 500lm max, Low energy consumption, White or coloured...

Starting from : 129 

LED pool projector, Screw-on to 1,5" brush adaptor, Powerful 1200lm max beam, Low electricity consumption,, Available in white or coloured...

Price : 149 

For above ground pools with rigid pool walls, Connection to discharge nozzle, Delivered with remote control, 7 static colours and 3 sequences

Starting from : 154 

LED pool bulb, Easy installation in standard PAR56 alcoves , Powerful beam of 400lm maximum, Low electricity consumption, Multicoloured...

Starting from : 629 

Ideal for pool lighting renovation Easily installed under pool coping, Tactile command panel accessible from pool, Produces harmonious,...

The Seamaid Universe

The complete Seamaid system

Situated in the technical shelter, the SeaMAID radio command (1) enables you to control the following diverse lighting systems :

- Mini-projector, designed to valorise an infinity spa or perhaps with immersed borders...(2),
- Flat pool lighting projector (3),
- LED bulb, replacing an old incandescent bulb (4),
- Lighting projector for above ground pool (5),
- Submersible stainless steel lighting projector to valorise a fountain or an ornamental border for example. (6).

Remote controls SeaMAID

All the SeaMAID remote controls are powered by a MN23 12V battery and need to be programmed with the projector or bulb before their first use.

Their carrying range is 10 metres outdoors, without obstacles (antenna pointing towards lamp).
Seamaid remote control

Synchronisation in 5 easy steps

Synchronisation of the remote control

1. Light the lighting projector via the electrical distribution box.

2. Cut the lighting projector, count 10 seconds and light it again.

3. Repeat 2 successive Off/On cycles and the light the projector again.

4. Place the battery into the remote control and simultaneously, push the buttons "O" and "S" of the remote control.

5. The projector confirms synchronisation with the remote control and flashes several times.
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