COLORBAR barred security cover

Colorbar barred security cover
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Colorbar barred security cover conform to norm NF P 90-308
Aluminium bars, marine polyester powder coat,
Conform to the norm NF P 90-308,
Bars and PVC canvas in matching colour with a choice of 2 colours
Resistant canvas, fixing points on widths
Basic cut on lengths
1 or 2 supplied cranks, depending on pool dimensions
Overlap of 25 cm further than pool water
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Colorbar barred security cover conform to norm NF P 90-308
Ref. 020345
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19.90 €
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The Colorbar barred security cover is distinguished by its esthetic aspect : the aluminium bars are of the same camaieu as the PVC cover, resulting in a harmonious ensemble. This cover is functional and multi-task. Guaranteeing optimal security for the pool as a whole, this cover replaces the need for a pool alarm or security barriers.

This is also an excellent alternative to a winter cover. Easily handled and practical, this cover can be used all year round, protecting your pool from impurities and conserving water temperature. User-friendly, the Colorbar replaces a reel, that occupies a considerable space in your pool side environment. Folding easily using one or two manual cranks. Motorisation available on option.

Colorbar in situ

Optimal security with Colorbar

Optimal security with colorbar
Colorbar barred cover replies to the criteria of the norm NF P 90-308 that guarantees the conformity of your investment. The Colorbar can support the combined weight of an adult and child (approx 110 kilos), as its rigidity is ensured by the covers aluminium bars.

Its PVC canvas offers excellent resistance properties. Your security cover is maintained in place by ratchet tensioners ensuring total surface tension. Once in place, your Colorbar security cover can ensure the security of your pool.

Made to measure and adapting perfectly to all pools with dimensions up to 12X5 m. This cover has an overlap of 25 cm over the pool water surface, limiting the intrusion of impurities into your pool.

Colorbar : incomparable esthetic

Your Colorbar barred security cover is distinguished by harmonious esthetic. The aluminium bars are painted in the same colour as the cover, tensioners and stitching, creating an agreeable and original visual aspect. The Colourbar secures your pool in a discreet manner, without alteration to your pool environment.

Longitudinal strap
Longitudinale strap
Ratchet tensioner
Ratchet tensioner

You can choose from the two available colours:

NameBlueDark green
TintBlueDark green

Colorbar : A long lasting, resistant pool cover

Rigid and resistant, the aluminium bars of your cover benefit from a marine polyester powder coat. This treatment is specific against corrosion. The finition is perfect and unicolour. Each bar features protection pads limiting wear and tear on the pool surround.

Inside detail
Composite protection pad
Basic cut
Basic cut on covers length

Colorbar barred security cover, easy to use, every day

The Colorbar security cover is used throughout the year. This 4 season cover provides optimal protection during the swimming season and equally during the winter months. Opaque, Colorbar perfectly replaces your winter cover. Essential during the winterizing period, limiting the formation of algae in your pool and preserving cleanliness. Requiring few fixation points, its manipulation is simplified, ensuring an easy return to the swimming season when Spring arrives.
Once this cover has been drawn back, its stainless steel fixation points do not rise above ground level, avoiding all risk of injury.
Once installed, your Colorbar is securely placed over your pool limiting wind force and optimising heat maintenance.
4 season colorbar

Colorbar technical charateristics

Made to measure, for pools up to 12X5 m maximum
Overlap on pool surround
25 cm on either side of the pool
Bar treatment
Aluminium, marine polyester powder coat
Bar protection
Composite pads
Anti-abrasion bands
Basic cut
Cover material
PVC 580 g/m2 soldered by high frequency
Fixation method
Ratchet tensioners on width of cover, stainless steel security fixation points
Guiding strap
Basic cut on length
Evacuation of rainwater
Supplied manual crank
Yes (Second supplied if your pool dimensions are greater than 10 X 5 m)
Motorised crank
On option
Choice of colour
Blue, Dark green

Colorbar 4 season schema

Schema colorbar

Rainwater evacuation
Aluminium bar in the same camaieu as the PVC cover, marine polyester powder coat
Anti wear and tear pads placed at the extremity of each bar
Longitudinal strap
Guiding strap
Holding strap for stocking

Opt for a motorised crank - available on option

Walu Cool motorised crank : 699.00 €

The motorised crank Walu Cool means you can roll your Colorbar barred security cover easily. The Walu Cool is compatible with your cover, uncovering your pool water in a few minutes without effort.

Its powerful motor and long duration battery simplify rolling your Colourbar : just connect your Walu Cool to your security cover and manage rolling action using the wired control.

The Walu Cool motorised crank saves you the effort of manually rolling your cover : Just accompany the progression of your motorised crank till the end of its rolling action.
Walu Cool motorised crank


3 years on the cover
2 years on the manual crank

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