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Filtrating Winter Cover GRILLE EXTREM

Grille Extrem filtrating winter cover
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21.90 €/m²
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13.19 €/m² Including VAT
Ref. 001411
Filtrating winter cover Grille Extrem shape A
Weaved polypropylene with anti-UV treatment,
Sewed assembly,
Crystal PVC reinforcements on the tensioning straps,
Lateral and longitudinal reinforcement,
Fixation by straps, springs and retractable stainless steel bolts,
Stabilised up to 14.8 X 6.8m (finished dimensions)
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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Filtrating winter cover Grille Extrem shape A
Ref. 001411
EUR 13.19
Price starting from
13.19 €
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Filtrating winter cover Grille Extrem shape B
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Filtrating winter cover Grille Extrem shape C
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Cover shapeShape AShape BShape C
Price per m²13.19 €14.99 €18.49 €

*= minimum order: 20 m²

Compatible pool shapes

Range shape A
Shape A : for rectangular pools
Range shape B
Shape B : For oval, round, 8-shaped, parallelogram...
Range shape C
Shape C : For other pool shapes

Features of the filtering winter coverGrille Extrem

The Grille Extrem is deal for pools with a surface area inferior to 100m².

Designed and made conform to the norm NFP 90-308..

The Grille Extrem cover boasts a particularly strong resistance in ratio to its very light weight with an exceptional tension once placed on your pool.

Crystal PVC reinforcements protect the cover from abrasion due to rubbing on the pool surround. The covers fixations adapt to all pool shapes with unequalled tension.

Its installation is particularly fast and easy.

Description of the Grille Extrem cover

- Pool cover, light in weight, avoiding water pockets by letting rainwater pass through netting whilst protecting from dirt and debris.
- Adapted to regions with heavy rainfall, wind and snow.
- Material : Recyclable polypropylene 180 g/m²
- Rupture resistance : 30 kN / m (fabric chain), 20 kN / m (frame)
- Assembly : sewn
- Treatments : anti-UV, anti-cryptogamic and anti-bacterial

- Finish : Spliced straps and periphery with crystal PVC reinforcements and PVC reinforcement at angle positions.
Grille extrem cover in situ

- Overlap :
+ 0,40 m if the width of the pool surround is greater or equal to 0,30 m
+ 0,35 m if the width of the pool surround is lesser or equal to 0,30 m

- Recommended for regions with heavy rainfall, wind and snow.

Cover featuring reinforcing straps on its periphery, spliced straps with crystal PVC reinforcements of 0,50 m, PVC reinforcement squares in the angles, anchoring straps every 0,80 m approx, springs, retractable stainless steel bolts and storage bag.

Available colours for the pool cover :

Green black

Black/green cover
Blue black

Blue/black cover
Sand black

Sand/black cover
Grey black

Grey/black cover

Available cuts for stairs

Stair cuts Grille Extrem
a/ Straight pool stair cut
b/ Roman stair cut

Key :
1/ PVC reinforcement
2/ Strap
3/ Crystal PVC reinforcement

Schema Grille Extrem cover

Schema Grille Extrem
1/ PVC reinforcement
2/ Upper surface tension strap
with crystal reinforcement underneath
3/ Parameter strap
4/ Retractrable bolt
5/ Stainless steel spring
6/ Crystal reinforcement
7/ 0.80 m maximum

Fixation systems available on option

Depending on the configuration of your pool surround, several fixation systems are available on option for your
GRILLE EXTREM winter filtering cover:

Fixation systems on option

Grass fixation
Plastic grass fixation (this option does not conform to security norms)
Stainless steel / aluminium fixation bolt 10 mm in diameter / 60 mm in length
Fixation bolt for wooden pool surround with screw / Length 30 mm
Retractable brass bolt 20 mm in diameter / Length 60 mm (this option does not conform to security norms)

Precautions for use

In the case of strong winds, it is highly recommended to use B-PACK water cushions on the side of the cover that is in contact with dominant wind force. They ensure a firm placing of the cover to the surround and limit the risk of lifting from below in strong winds, limiting damage and premature use.

To limit use due to abrasion on the pool surround, it is important to ensure the cover does not touch the pool border.
Precautions for use


3 digressive seasons, on the material and manufacturing against production defaults in the limit of maximum dimensions.
The guarantee of the covers concerns the quality of the material used for their production and their assembly. The guarantee does not cover damages caused by the covers installation, poor maintenance or upkeep or abrasion caused by the pool surround.


3 digressive seasons on manufacture and materials

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Price incl. VAT

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