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Winter sale at swimming pool online

It's the Winter sale at swimming pool online from the 11th of January till the 21 February 2017, get the best value for money now ! Slashed prices on a wide range of items while stocks last.

Starting from : 1190 

High pool enclosure, foldable and removable Flexible and resistant canvas, Delivered in kit form, easy to assemble

Starting from : 3880 

Telescopic enclosure, self-assembly kit, Robust aluminium structure, Multi-walled polycarbonate wall surround,

Starting from : 990 

Aquabike for pool use, saddle and handlebar adjustable in height and depth, resistance mouldable in intensity, floor plates adaptable in height....

Starting from : 1171 

Depth 1,20m, steel structure, wooden aspect liner, skimmer, filtration system, round or oval

Price : 349 

Hydraulic pool cleaner Easy connection to brush adaptor Cleans in 2h30

-5 %

Price : 569  599

For pools with a maximum volume of 60m², Cleans the bottom surface of pool, Quick cycle Aqua Smart (2h30), Ultra fast, rotating PVC brush

-7 %

Price : 699  759

Cleans your pool floor, walls and waterline Aquasmart technology 2h00, High-density PVA brushes, Transport trolley

-3 %

Price : 949  980

For pools with a maximum dimension of 12x6m Remote control for manual operation, Cleans the bottom surface, walls and waterline of pool,...

Price : 3279 

Swimming pool cleaner designed for pools up to 25m in length Cleans the bottom surface, walls and waterline of pools Combined brushes, suitable...

Starting from : 4926 

New Zodiac PSA heat pump, Titanium exchanger Single-phase
Maximum pool volume 90 m3

Starting from : 3690 

For pools up to 220m³, Automatic defrost, Operational up to -10°c, Titanium exchanger, COPELAND Scroll™ compressor, By-pass kit and winter...

Starting from : 6572 

New range of Zodiac heat pumps, 4 season models, operational up to -8°C, Titanium exchanger with lifetime guarantee. Single-phase
Maximum pool volume 110 m3

Starting from : 599 

Water treatment by salt electrolysis, Self-cleaning by polarity inversion, 100% made in France, Compact size, Water flow detection... Maximum pool volume 120 m3

Starting from : 813 

ZODIAC salt electrolyser for pool Operational from 3g of salt/litre of water Fast and easy installation Inverted polarity For pools from 40...

Starting from : 1599 

Evolving water treatment system, Associates 2 imperative functions for efficient, automatic water treatment.

Starting from : 549 

Automatic treatment by salt electrolysis, auto-cleaning electrolytic cell, command module, pool cover detector, fast installation

Starting from : 739 

Water treatment with ultraviolet rays : ecological, compact and compatible with all filtration systems Maximum pool volume 100 m3

Starting from : 299 

Compact, regulating dosing pump pH +/- , Set point and pH level display, Easy installation and maintenance, Digital display panel,...

Price : 555 

Pump for automatic pH regulation of pool water Digital display Liquid injection of correction product (pH + or - factory settings)

Starting from : 699 

For barred covers with maximum dimensions of 12 x 5,50m, Rolls your barred pool cover without effort, Dependable and economic, Operates with...

Starting from : 169 

Reel for pool cover Portable, featuring a brake on reel axis Three available dimensions 10 m x 5.50 m 12 m x 6.40 m 16 m x 8 m

Starting from : 189 

Booster pump for pressurised pool cleaners Compatible with salt water systems Available in 1hp and 1.5hp

Price : 289 

Booster pump for hydraulic pool cleaner, Compatible with salt water, 1 HP

Starting from : 1060 

Complete counter current kit, Compatible with concrete, steel panel and fiberglass pools Maximum water flow 70m³/h Available in single-phase... Single-phase

Starting from : 849 

Counter current unit with integrated LED lighting, 48 m³/h maximum water flow for above ground or inground pools Single-phase

Price : 1790 

Monobloc system for inground residential pools. Pump flow adjustable between 60 and 100 m³/h, 7 coloured integrated LEDs, Easy to use and...

Price : 149 

For above ground pools up to 20m³ maximum, Pump 4m³/h with pre-filter Multi-way valve, Pressure gauge Easy installation

Starting from : 84 

Self-priming pumps ranging in capacity from 0,25 to 0,60hp, water flow 1,5 to 6,5m³/h, Ideal for small volumes and above ground pools.... Single-phase

Starting from : 299 

Self-priming pump with a capacity ranging between 0,75 and 1,5 HP Waterflow ranging between 11 and 18m³/h, Very low noise level in operation,... Single-phase

Starting from : 349 

Self-priming pump, Connector 63 mm in diameter, 1/4 turn lid High water flow Single-phase

Price : 1615 

Variable speed pump Economic, ecological, Compatible with salt water treatment Pre-filter with screw on lid Frost protection

Starting from : 379 

Hydro-centrifugal filtration, Does not require filtering medium, no recharge required

Starting from : 291 

Reinforced polyester, Features manometer, purge and emptying plug, Filtration capacity 15 to 20 µ Corrosion-resistant tank.

Starting from : 419 

Corrosion resistant tank, compatible with salt water treatment, Filtering capacity 15 to 20 µ Maximum working pressure 3,5 bars Water flow 7...

Starting from : 139 

Side valve, Ø 400 or 500 mm, Polypropylene tank designed with thermoplastic injection moulding, Resistant to chemical products, Purge valve,...

Starting from : 302 

High-density blown polyethylene filter with automatic purge, Top valve, Maximum working pressure 3,5 bars, Delivered with Variflo TM 6...

Starting from : 319 

High-density, blown polyethylene with automatic purge, Maximum working pressure 3,5 bars, Supplied with 6-way valve.

Price : 599 

Laminated filter made from fiberglass and polyester, Lid without screws, fast closing system, Cap for water purge, Pressure gauge and lateral...

Price : 139 

To power a booster pump of pool cleaner, type Polaris, Features a timeclock for daily program running, Magnetic-thermal trip switch

Price : 39 

Frost protection that automatically starts your filtration pump, Protects your pump, pipework, filter...

Price : 142 

Frost protection by means of automation of filtration pump, Protects filtration pump, pipework and filter, Easy installation and use.

Price : 202 

Frost protection box with automatic start of filtration pump, protecting the filtration pump, pipework, filter...

Price : 99 

LED pool bulbs Standard alcove, easy installation, PAR56 Low energy consumption 1485 lumens

Starting from : 129 

LED pool projector, Screw-on to 1,5" brush adaptor, Powerful 1200lm max beam, Low electricity consumption,, Available in white or coloured...

Price : 119 

For above ground pools with rigid pool walls, Connection to discharge nozzle, 18 LED Samsung white lights, Easy to install

Price : 149 

For above ground pools with rigid pool walls, Connection to discharge nozzle, Delivered with remote control, 7 static colours and 3 sequences

Price : 59 

Self-priming, submersible flood pump, Ideal for laden water

Starting from : 449 

Stainless steel structure, Possibility to wall mount or install on ground level, For saunas between 2 to 4.5m3, Wall mounting kit supplied

Starting from : 1021 

Combined stove and evaporator For saunas between 5 and 14m³, Stainless steel structure, Distance control

Starting from : 1099 

Aluminium frame, security glass, Available in several models and colours, with single or double panels.

Starting from : 177 

Solar showers, Height 230cm, Fast connection with hose pipe

Starting from : 323 

Maximum height from water surface 1,20 m, Connection to filtration discharge circuit, Fast and easy installation.

Starting from : 69 

Standard winter covers, easy to install Very resistant and durable

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