Aquarius removable pool steps, 4 step model

Aquarius removable pool steps
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Aquarius removable pool steps (1 ramp)
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Depth: from 1,21m to 1,37m.
Adapted to flat pool floors.
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Aquarius removable pool steps, 4 step model in detail

The Aquarius removable pool steps, 4 step model from InnovaPlas and features an anti-slip ramp to offer optimal adherence. Using two anchoring points, resulting in a stable structure for use with all flat pool floors between 1,22m and 1,38m in depth.

Main product advantages

- Ramp and anti-slip steps made from polyethylene.
- PVC structure.
- Maximum supported weight 159 Kilos.
- Excellent resistance to UV rays.
- Two anchoring points offer excellent stability.
- Allows full water circulation as to avoid algae formation.
- Compatible with flat pool floors.
- Suction pads for adherence to pool floor.
Aquarius removable pool steps
AQUARIUS pool steps in situ

Scattered view

Schema Aquarius removable pool steps

Schema AQUARIUS removable pool steps
To left, contents of kit

1 - Rear legs
2 - Lower step module
3 - Upper step module
4 - Insertion for handrail support
5 - Anchoring system
6 - PVC 39" handrail support
7 - Handrail plugs
8 - Access ramp or handrail
9 - Step opening
10 - Anti-slip steps (X 4)


Counterweight system Aquarius removable pool steps
Details of AQUARIUS removable pool steps

Weight (steps and handrails): 23 kilos
Maximum supported weight: 140 kilos
Height of steps: 106 cm
Front width of steps: 64 cm
Back width of step: 91 cm
Depth of steps: 112 cm
Number of steps: 4
Height of steps: 26,5 cm
Width of steps: 28 cm
Number of handrails: 1
Pool floor type: Flat
Colour: Pearl grey

- Use a 26kg sandbag as counterweight (Fig. a) (not supplied).
- Anticipate a storage area for your steps during the winterizing season.


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