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Abrissime in detail

Developed in partnership with the leading European manufacturer of pool enclosures, the Abrissime range of pool enclosures (from 0,40m to 1,55m in height), means you can lengthen your swimming season and secure your swimming pool.

Each enclosure benefits from detailed quality controls throughout its manufacturing process, guaranteeing the security of your pool.

A pool enclosure is an ideal complement to your pool, allowing you to lengthen your season and maintain water temperature.

An excellent method of ensuring safety for your children and pets, avoiding falls and drowning risks.

Equally facilitating maintenance of your pool by limiting the intrusion of debris, dust and dirt.

Featuring a robust aluminium structure that guarantees an excellent resistance to weather conditions, and an independent modular design indicating you can partially or totally open or close your pool area by simply pushing the individual modules.

The modules fit on into the other by sliding on a rail system, covering easily the pool surface.

Pool enclosures conform to the norm NF P 90-309

Step by step installation of kit

Pool before installation
Pool before installation


Set up modules
Module set up

Installation rails
Installation of rails

Front panel of enclosure
View of front panel (Front panel door available on option)

Outside view
Pool after

Hardware and tools
Hardware and tools supplied with kit

Set up modules
Module set up

Installation of modules on rails
Installation of modules on rails

Rear view of enclosure
Rear view of enclosure

Inside view
Enclosure installed

Anticipate 3 to 4 persons to reception the enclosure.

Photos non-contractual

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