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Disabled pool access solutions, pool lifts...

Discover our full range of material to facilitate pool access for disabled and those with reduced mobility: pool lifts, automatic ladders, submersible wheelchairs...

Pool lifts for the disabled in detail

French legislation requires public establishments to facilitate pool access for disabled and those with reduced mobility. This concerns public pools, camping sites, leisure, rehabilitation and sports centres...

At Swimming Pool Online, we believe it is important that disabled persons, or those with reduced mobility, can easily access swimming facilities, anywhere. To do so, an access ramp can be installed as well as specific access apparatus. To fully reply to these needs, Swimming Pool Online presents its full range of pool access solutions for persons with reduced mobility or who are disabled.

Splash pool lift

Pool Lift

A pool lift is particularly suitable for wheelchair users.

The user easily transfers from wheelchair to lift by adjusting lift height. The pool lift raises the user, rotates and lowers into the pool water.

Featuring a securing strap, the lift rotation is carried out safely and smoothly. The user independently controls the lift by means of a remote control or command box.
There are several types of pool lifts that can be adapted to professional pool configurations:

- Pool lifts for above ground or inground pools
- Mobile or static pool lifts (fixation to floor surface or wall)

Motorised automatic ladder

This type of pool access is recommended for those who have mobility difficulties or who cannot descend ladders.

Featuring only one step, managed by an easy to use command button.

The User positions on the motorised step to be raised and lowered into the pool water.

Step ladder pool access

Step ladder with handrail

This type of access is perfectly adapted to older users or those with reduced mobility. Featuring wide, anti-slip steps pool access is safe and secure.

These step ladders can be equipped with one or two handrails, providing a constant support, optimising grip.

Submersible Wheelchairs

Submersible and buoyant, this type of wheelchair secures water access for those with reduced mobility. An adapted height ensures the user can sit without difficulty and access the pool by being pushed by another person, allowing progressive immersion. Water entry is gently effectuated, the structure is light, featuring wheels which are adapted for aquatic use. This apparatus is simply and quickly removed from the water.

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