I-swim 2 mobile seated pool lift

I-Swim 2 mobile seated pool lift for disabled pool access
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I-swim 2 mobile seated chair lift for disabled pool access
EUR 14685.00
Facilitates pool access for the disabled,
Mobile motorised structure, using wheels,
Manoeuvres can be controlled by user (available on option),
Powered by rechargeable battery,
Maximum charge 136kg
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I-swim 2 mobile seated pool lift in detail

Public pools are now required to ensure disabled access to their aquatic facilities.
Certification I Swim 2 mobile seated pool lift for disabled pool access

The I-swim 2 mobile seated pool lift replies perfectly to this requirement, ensuring disabled access to pools.

Its lifting system featuring a rotating, articulated arm allows totally independent pool access.
The particular aspect of this lift is that it can be operated independently by the user who can effectuate, via remote control the following operations: Raise, lower and rotation of chair, as well as emergency stop. The commands can equally be controlled by an auxiliary person, using the control panel.
Ergonomic, practical and easy to use, this is the adapted solution for the disabled who require an efficient, simple solution to fully benefit from an aquatic environment.

Modern and elegant design, capable of a 136-kilo maximum carrying weight, featuring an aluminium/stainless steel structure.

It is equally adapted for residential and public use

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I Swim 2 mobile seated pool lift for disabled pool access

I Swim 2 mobile seated pool lift for disabled pool access


A safety belt is used during transport. An adjustable footrest ensures comfort and security.
An emergency stop, brake for omnidirectional wheel and protective casing complete the unit's equipment: In addition, a patented anti-tipping system is installed. Armrests enhance user comfort.


Pool water entry and exit is completed quickly and discreetly in a few seconds, with a noise level which equates to 70 Db, no higher than a normal level of conversation.
It is essential that I-Swim 2 is used on a perfectly flat and stable surface. If this is not the case, a supporting base is available on option.

I Swim 2 mobile seated pool lift for disabled pool access

Technical characteristics

The lifespan of this product is estimated at approximately 15 000 lifting cycles. Rechargeable batteries can complete approximately 40 cycles. Professional maintenance should be effectuated every 6 months.
The unit is supplied complete and ready for use. The batteries are charged by simple connection to a domestic 220V socket.

Number of wheels
4 (2 with brakes)
Total weight
360 kg
230 kg
Supply voltage
24 V
Battery capacity
2.9 Ah (3.3 Ah and 6.6 Ah on option)
Charged battery capacity
approx 30 lifting cycles
Lifting capacity
136 kg
Lifespan of equipment
15 000 lifting cycles
Dimensions of seat (in mm)
430 width X 360 height X 400 depth
Depth of chair immersion in water (in cm)
Radius of rotation

It is possible to remove the counterweights from the I-Swim 2 (ie for transport) as their position is accessible. Each of the 8 counterweights represents approximately 10kg.

Dimensions (in mm)

Dimensions I Swim 2 mobile seated pool lift for disabled pool access

I Swim 2 positioned at maximum height

I Swim 2positioned at lowest position
1. Position with maximum carrying distance 2. high position 3. Low position


Delivery time estimated 3 to 4 weeks


2 years

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