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Special offers, clearance, great deals

Benefit from all our promotional offers on pool and spa material - Cover and enclosures, heating and dehumidification solutions, pool cleaners, water treatment systems, available while stock lasts.

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    -4 %

    Starting from : 22.90 €/m² 23.90 €/m²

    Pool safety cover featuring strap fixations and bars, Opaque canvas prohibiting the development of algae For pools with maximum dimensions of...

    -7 %

    Starting from : 23.90 €/m² 25.90 €/m²

    Specific for wooden pools up to 10x5.40 m, Anti-UV and anti cryptogam treatment, Requires reduced storage space, Summer and winter use, 6...

    -20 %

    Starting from : 23.90 €/m² 29.90 €/m²

    Bar and strap security cover - offers resistance in the case of snowfall For maximum pool dimensions of 12 x 6m.

    -10 %

    Starting from : 25.90 €/m² 28.90 €/m²

    4 season pool cover featuring bars and fixation straps Anti-UV and anti cryptogam treatment, Rainwater evacuation holes, For free form or...

    -15 %

    Starting from : 26.90 €/m² 32 €/m²

    4 season use, opaque canvas, For pools up to 12 m x 5 m, all shapes Anti-abrasion pads, Flexible PVC 580g/m², reinforced by anodised...

    -17 %

    Starting from : 27.90 €/m² 34 €/m²

    4 season use, opaque canvas, For pools up to 12 m x 5.50 m, all shapes, Anti-abrasion pads and bands, Flexible PVC 580g/m², reinforced by...

    -16 %

    Starting from : 34.90 €/m² 42 €/m²

    4 season use, opaque canvas For pools up to 12 m x 5.50 m, all shapes of pool possible Anti-abrasion pads + bands Flexible PVC 580g/m²,...

    -49 %

    Price : 40  79

    Submersible pump ideal for draining a pool or spa, a technical room, or a basement. Pumps up to a height of 8m.

    --9 %

    Starting from : 64  59

    Hayward replacement filters made from reinforced polyester of superior quality.

    -40 %

    Starting from : 65  109

    Standard winter covers, easy to install Very resistant and durable

    Starting from : 90 

    Replacement cartridges for Skimfiltre, Twinfiltre and Welfiltre Filtration capacity 15 microns Anti-clogging function

    -24 %

    Starting from : 90  119

    White LED bulb, Power supply 12 v, Lifespan 10 000 hours Available in 1100 and 2050 lumens

    -24 %

    Price : 99  131

    Electrode for earth connection, Ideal for pools using an electrolysis system, Avoids metallic corrosion and deterioration Integrates pH and...

    -28 %

    Price : 120  169

    For above ground pools with rigid pool walls, Connection to discharge nozzle, 18 LED Samsung white lights, Easy to install

    Starting from : 139 

    LED pool projector, universally dimensioned for all alcoves, Low electricity consumption, Powerful beam of 1450lm maximum, Winner of the...

    Starting from : 159 

    LED pool projector, Screw-on to 1,5" brush adaptor, Powerful 1200lm max beam, Low electricity consumption,, Available in white or coloured...

    Starting from : 169 

    Lighting projector featuring 6 or 12 LEDs with alcove Easily installed and dismantled Powerful beams Low energy consumption Coloured or...

    Starting from : 199 

    Pool projector 6 or 12 LED Designed for pools under renovation, Easy installation in standard PAR-56 alcoves, Powerful beam, Low energy...

    Starting from : 205 

    Pool projector 6 or 12 LED with alcove Easy installation and disassembly of bulb Powerful beam Low energy consumption White light...

    Starting from : 242 

    For above ground pools Flow from 4m³/h to 12m³/h Pump capacity 1/4CV to 1CV Compatible with salt water treatments

    Starting from : 275 

    High-density, blown polyethylene with automatic purge, Maximum working pressure 3,5 bars, Supplied with 6-way valve.

    -19 %

    Starting from : 390  483

    Fall detector, Conform to norm NFP 90-307-1 Ready to use Made in France

    Starting from : 445 

    For filtration pump 1/2 to 3/4 HP, Maximum volume of pool 36m³. Maximum pool volume 36 m3

    Starting from : 500 

    Polypropylene sand filter with 6-way side valve, High performance Maximum pool volume 55m3 Maximum pump flow 14 m³/h. Maximum pool volume 56 m3

    -13 %

    Price : 690  799

    Heat pump for pools up to 30 m³, Hot/cold reversible option with auto-mode Ranges down to -10°C Control panel with WIFI Single-phase

    -22 %

    Starting from : 1390  1790

    Compact models, For hammam volumes between 2 and 28m³, Easy installation, Sperate tactile control panel, Single and three phase supply...

    -27 %

    Price : 2090  2890

    For pools up to 120 m3 maximum, 70m3 recommended Reversible: Can heat or cool pool water, Inverter technology: economical and silent running....

    -47 %

    Price : 52  99

    Alder sauna lampshade, Dimensions 330 x H37cm, Screws supplied, Does not include lamp

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