Starpool premium
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Ref. Abatik 022290
Ref. Provider ESSENB31BLEU
STARPOOL PREMIUM blue barred security cover
4 season use, opaque canvas,
For pools up to 12 m x 5.50 m, all shapes,
Anti-abrasion pads and bands,
Flexible PVC 580g/m², reinforced by anodised aluminium bars,
Welded hem on two lengths, double lateral tensioning strap,
User friendly
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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STARPOOL PREMIUM blue barred security cover
Ref. Abatik 022290 Ref. Provider ESSENB31BLEU
EUR 27.90
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27.90 €
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STARPOOL PREMIUM green grass barred security cover
Ref. Abatik 022291 Ref. Provider ESSENB31VERG
EUR 27.90
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27.90 €
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STARPOOL PREMIUM almond green barred security cover
Ref. Abatik 022292 Ref. Provider ESSENB31VERA
EUR 27.90
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27.90 €
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STARPOOL PREMIUM sand barred security cover
Ref. Abatik 022293 Ref. Provider ESSENB31SAB
EUR 27.90
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27.90 €
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STARPOOL PREMIUM grey barred security cover
Ref. Abatik 022294 Ref. Provider ESSENB31GR
EUR 27.90
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27.90 €
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STARPOOL PREMIUM Slate Grey barred security cover
Ref. Abatik 023946 Ref. Provider ESSENB31GRA
EUR 27.90
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27.90 €
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Starpool Premium security cover featuring bars is a 4 season cover, proved to be robust and practical. Designed for pools up to 12 X 5.50 m maximum (inner dimensions). Conform to the norm NF P-90-308, reinforced by anodised aluminium bars and highly resistant PES straps. The perfect solution to secure your pool discreetly. Only the extremity of the bars remains visible creating a harmonious effect. The extremity of the bars features anti-abrasion pads as to avoid friction on the pool coping.

Installation is fast, easy and dependable. Supplementary tensioner straps positioned in the hem of the finished lengths. These straps ensure surface tension of the cover and maintain position.

The use of a barred cover proves to be practical and is an excellent alternative to a winterizing cover. By using this cover, your pool is preserved from exposure to leaves and other debris throughout the year.

Insitu Starpool premium

Maximum inner dimensions of pool
12 X 5.5 m
Hem on two lengths with additional tensioning strap
Anti-abrasion protection


- Total, sure protection for your pool, whatever its shape may be, 25cm overlap on the parameter of the cover

- Easy manipulation : Easily rolled and unrolls easily using its directional strap and manual crank. To make operation easier, you can equally opt for the ROLLTROT motorised crank for barred covers

- Efficient protection against dirt and development of algae: the opaque polyester canvas reduces the intrusion of impurities in the pool and the penetration of sunlight that limits photosynthesis, responsible for the development of algae.

- Robust and durable : Featuring polyester, PVC double coated canvas with a density of 580g/m² and anodised aluminium bars. Polyester straps offer excellent resistance. Perforations allow the evacuation of rainwater. The cover does not accumulate water pockets on its surface which could result in the cover sagging.

- Easy installation: Fixation by dowel bolts and stainless steel ratchet tensioners. The double lateral tensioning strap offers excellent tension.
Starpool premium barred security cover

Closed view Starpool premium

Technical features

Polyester, PVC double coated canvas, density 580g/m²
Fabric chain resistance
2500 N/5 cm
Fabric frame resistance
2000 N/ 5 cm
Anti-UV, anti-fungicide, anti-abrasion, stain protection
Available colours (upperside)
Blue, Grass Green, Almond Green, Sand, Grey, Slate Grey
Available colours (downside)
Strap colour
Harmonised with canvas
Rainwater evacuation
Evacuation holes
High-frequency welding
Finish on length of cover
Welded hem with lateral tensioning strap
Fixation system
Polyester strap + lateral tensioning strap + dowel bolts. Specific wooden deck bolts available on option.
Anti-abrasion pads and bands avoids the premature use of the cover on the pool coping.
Overlap on each side of pool
25 cm
Maximum inner dimensions of pool
12 X 5.50 m
If the pool cover dimensions (including overlap) are lesser than 20 m2
a surcharge 20% is applied

Schema Starpool Premium pool cover
Starpool Premium : security cover : upperside
Stainless steel ratchet tensioner, user-friendly
Anodised aluminium tubes with PVC finishing plugs
Rainwater evacuation cavities
Fixation by dowel bolts
Premium cover features two welded hems on the cover length
Double lateral tensioning strap
Stainless steel anti-lifting ring

Lower view Starpool premium
Starpool Premium barred pool cover : (underside)
Directional unrolling strap with adjustable loop
Anti-abrasion pads and bands (A4 stainless steel hardware)
Decking fixations (on option)

Available colours

Grass green
Grass Green
Almond green
Almond Green
Basic grey
Basic Sand
Slate Grey
Slate Grey

Adapts to all pool shapes (maximum inner dimensions : 12 X 5.50m). Each cover is delivered ready to use with anti-abrasion pads. For specifically shaped pools, the position of the anti-abrasion pads is defined by the manufacturer during conception.
Starpool standard shape
Standard shapes
Starpool specific shape
Specific shapes

On option: Motorised crank ROLL TROT

Motorised crank Rolltrot : 699 € incl VAT

ROLLTROT motorised crank for barred covers enables you to roll your security cover without effort. The Rolltrot allows you to unroll your cover in only a few minutes.
Its powerful motor and longlife battery simplify manipulation of your barred cover. Just connect your Rolltrot to your barred cover to control movement using its wired command.

The Rolltrot means you no longer need to manually manipulate your cover : Simply walk along beside the cover to accompany manual rolling till the operation is complete.


3 years canvas and metallic profile

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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