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Pool material relative to security : certified alarms, fall detection, barriers and fencing, anti-drowning systems for pets...
French legislation has been formalised since 2003 to reduce drowning risks in pools. This legislation concerns private pools which are outdoor, totally or partially inground, for individual or certified group use.

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Flexible or rigid pool barriers and fences to ensure child security. Conform to NF P90-306 standard

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Beacon delivered with necklace and bracelet, Alert in the case of immersion or distancing, Alarm via Smartphone or Lighthouse available on...

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Made from UV resistant, white polypropylene, Provides pet protection from drowning, Protects pool liner from scratching, 2 available...

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Swimming Pool Online offer a wide range of pool alarms and fall detection systems, water detection bracelets, all you need to promote child...

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System composed of 2 to 6 terminals powered by battery, Efficient, invisible protection around the pool by infrared rays Linked to alarm...

In France, legislation relative to pool security is particularly severe. A fine of 45.000 € can be applied in the case of non-respect of obligations in relation to pool security. The enforcement of pool security is considered to be the responsibility of the pool owner. For this reason, it is important to verify that security material is certified. The same penalty applied to a professional pool constructor who does not provide a full, technical, report indicating characteristics, operational conditions and maintenance characteristics of security material provided, including user recommendations and general safety precautions.

It is imperative for pool owners to use a pool security system which can efficiently protect a child younger than 5 years old in the pool environment.
Pools which are excluded from French legislation:
- Indoor pools,
- Above ground pools,
- Public pools which have an entry fee and a lifeguard on duty

Concerning pool builds, the security system must be in place when the pool is completed.

France is the only European country that has legislation relating to pool security. These measures do not, in any way, replace adult supervision and vigilance.

Find out more about French legislation relative to swimming pools here
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