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Ref. Abatik 001690
Ref. Provider DSP80-F4
PRIMAPROTECT alarm system with 4 terminals
System composed of 2 to 6 terminals powered by battery,
Efficient, invisible protection around the pool by infrared rays
Linked to alarm system
Options available, portable alarm monitor, security bracelet, digital code system
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-307-1
Option PRIMAPROTECT security bracelet
Ref. Abatik 001800 Ref. Provider DSP10-1W
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149 €
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Option PRIMAPROTECT multifunctional remote control
Ref. Abatik 001826 Ref. Provider DSP20-1R
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Primaprotect alarm key
Ref. Abatik 007057 Ref. Provider 61 400 0021
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PRIMAPROTECT slave terminal
Ref. Abatik 001824 Ref. Provider DSP80-3X2
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PRIMAPROTECT alarm system with 4 terminals
Ref. Abatik 001690 Ref. Provider DSP80-F4
EUR 849
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Option PRIMAPROTECT Digital code
Ref. Abatik 001825 Ref. Provider DSP40-1R1
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PrimaProtect master terminal
Ref. Abatik 001919 Ref. Provider DSP80-3X3
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wireless siren for primaprotect alarm system
Ref. Abatik 001801 Ref. Provider DSP20-3K
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Technology becomes user-friendly : The new wireless parametric alarm system Prima Protect. The modulated concept of this system adapts to all shapes of pools. Using a "master" terminal with integrated siren and between one to five wireless, slave terminals, depending on the configuration of the swimming pool to transmit the infrared beams.

The Prima Protect wireless pool alarm system is easily installed, no electrical supply is required, no trenches to be dug, fast to install. Its "diagnostic" mode allows the user to check the alarm system is in full working order and can detect any defaults in the system.

The system has available options to complete the range :
Security range, multifunctional remote control, digital code, portable siren, a status detector (open or closed).

Innovating technology coupled with great efficiency.

The system terminals are powered by integrated batteries.
Terminals Prima Protect
Activating key prima protect
Activation key for alarm system
Key to manually activate or deactivate the Prima Protect alarm system.

Possible configuration of terminals around pool

2 terminals
Protection using 2 terminals.
3 terminals
Continuous protection on 2 sides using 3 terminals.
2 and 2 sets of terminals
Protection on 2 opposite sides using 4 terminals.
Pool without wall
Total pool protection using 4 terminals.

Height of terminals
67 cm
Height of protection zones
20 cm and 45 cm
Power supply
3 V battery pack
Master terminal power supply
9 V battery pack
Decibels of alarm
100 dB to 1 m
Battery autonomy
1 to 2 years
Maximum distance between 2 terminals
20 m
Lining up angle of detectors
125° horizontally and approx 10° vertically
Maximum number of terminals
2 years


Security bracelet*

Security bracelet
In the case of accidental falling into the pool, the bracelet transmits information by radio wave to the master terminal and the alarm is activated.
Protection even if the alarm activation is deactivated when the pool is in use.
* The bracelet is not compatible with salt water systems.

Wireless operation, controlling the activation of the system or its temporary deactivation. Also used during the winterizing period (only if the swimming pool is equipped with a secondary security system).

2 years
Battery autonomy
3 to 5 years
Carrying range
30 m
Multifunctional remote control

Remote control
Allows you to control at a distance the temporary deactivation of the system and the system test run. The deactivation is secure and only an adult can use this function to disable the alarm.

1 year
Battery autonomy
3 to 5 years
Carrying range
30 m
Portable siren

Portable siren
An alerting signal should always remain audible. This siren can be brought into the house depending on the distance between the home and the pool.

2 years
Battery autonomy
2 years
Carrying range
50 m

French law requires all residential or public pools to feature a certified a safety device


2 years

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