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Hammam concept

The concept of hammam is simple - a hot and humid steambath.
In general, the steam temperature reaches 50 °C.
Humidity rate is 100 %, which allows the high temperature to be comfortable.

Benefits of hammam use

A hammam offers a moment of well-being and relaxation: the perfect way to empty your mind and forget your worries.
A hammam session evacuates stress and entices sound sleep.

Steam has a beneficial effect on the skin: opening pores, detoxing your system, deep-cleansing dirt and bacteria, resulting in a clear, healthy glow.
Equally easing aches and pains, opening sinuses, allowing you to breathe more easily.

The sensation of heat is calming and your body is plunged into a sensation of deep relaxation.

Despite what we could imagine, a cold shower following your hammam provokes an agreeable, reinvigorating sensation.
You can then fully benefit from your stressless state of mind and body, full of well-being.

Heat relaxes your muscles, creating better drainage of the main organs. Nervous tension and muscular pain are naturally diminished.

Hammam use

Your hammam is equipped with a steam generator. You can adjust temperature and humidity rate using the control panel.

Start by taking a lukewarm shower, then take a comfortable place inside your hammam.
Alternate steambath (maximum 15min) and cool showers.
A hammam session should not last any longer than 45 minutes.

Wen inside the hammam, simply relax and take the time to exfoliate using traditional black soap. You can add essential oils to benefit from the virtues of aromatherapy.
Adapted audio systems are available if you wish to add music to your hammam environment.
Following your session, take a cold shower and hydrate your system by drinking a large quantity of water.

When your hammam is not in use, be sure to let air thoroughly circulate.
It is not recommendable to use the hammam immediately after eating or if you are suffering from a high level of fatigue.
Pregnant women, those suffering from high blood pressure or cardiac problems should not use a hammam.
Discover our full range of hammams and accessories to complete your relaxation time: chromotherapy, audio systems, starlit ceilings, essential oils...
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